Bad gas??

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  1. Get your fuel lines and filter cleaned also.

    Great time to add those "braided" lines!

  2. Yeah, it'll take a little longer to work thru that way since the gumout is now diluted to it's general cleaning strength with a full tank. That's why I recommended doing it in small batches at a time, so you could run a higher gumout to fuel ratio than general and clean out all the crap quickly. Anyway, it'll get there, just takes longer.
  3. Hmmmm...I came here based on the subject line (this being "talk" not tech) and being in the heart of Tex-Mex cuisine to lend a hand with my expertise regarding "bad gas".

    Oh well, you mean gasOLINE don't ya. When i started going through my car I yanked the entire tank and the entire fuel line out and never considered using them. If you figure these cars are at or near 40 years old there's something like a 100% chance that they've been sitting for some period of time right?

    Another thing to worry about is condensation. When the tank is less than half full and you have any temperature changes you WILL get water in your tank. Then you not only have to worry about varnish but rust as well. When i opened my old tank up out of curiosity there were handfulls of crap in there, it is amazing the car ran at all.

    Yank the tank, buy a new one with a drain plug and replace the fuel line. Easy to do in one afternoon and won't cost much at all. Viola!
  4. Ummm....Edbert, colt65 already stated: "By the way, I should mention I have a foam/plastic fuel cell".