bad habits you have when working on your car

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  1. I have a bad habit of working to fast and losing my temper alot. I lose track of tools all the time working on something. I'll lay the damn thing down and go back to the same spot and it's GONE! lol. My g/f sometimes keeps me company when i'm doing something ONLY if i promise not to cuss and yell lol that never works out cause cussing and yelling is part of working on the cars. My g/f even asked me once why do you work on cars if it pisses you off so much :shrug: i couldn't answer it.

    I know you all have done this too, drop a bolt and you can not find it. It's like there's a black hole under my car but only when i'm holding a bolt i don't have a replacement for. And you can bet your ass i'm going to drop it, hear it clank around for a few sec.'s and never find it again.
  2. Least you guys get to hear the school bus. I see it lol. Oh a garage would be so nice on cold winter nights.
  3. Heheh heated/air conditioned shop about 50 feet from my bedroom, and about 5 feet from the game room. Cant really beat that other than the fact I have to drive back from school to use it!
  4. man that is when I do some of my best work:cheers:
  5. I can't seem to just focus on one project at a time. I'll start out just doing a brake job, and then somehow wind up touching up paint, detailing the interior, then back to the brake job, then chasing down some random squeak or rattle in the interior/exterior and silencing it, back to the brake job again, then I start wiping down parts of the engine bay and wind up detailing everything underhood and ... well, you get the idea. :)
  6. i break sockets like its my job.
  7. I work on Harleys for a living, and you're always on the clock. So when I'm working on my car there's a lot less pressure, and nothing really bothers me. When I'm working on bikes, the smallest little stupid thing seems to hold me up from getting the job done, and I end up getting pissed and throwing stuff/kicking stuff/smashing stuff with hammers. I once kicked the bottom of my rollaway and somehow all 4 screws had previously fallen out of on of the wheels, just my luck. That box goes over backwards, inches from landing on a $60k motorcycle, and you can imagine the mess inside the box. The F-bomb, along with the most insulting words you can come up with, are very heavily used at my work by all of us. I do the common losing tools/bolts thing too, I think everyone does. Oh, and I'm at Sears at least twice a week returning handfuls of broken Craftsman junk, so I guess I have a habit of buying crappy tools.
  8. I have a really bad habit of misplacing sockets in the engine bay. I think i always find them, but i'm always worried about losing them while i'm driving down the road.

    I haven't had to do this with my stang yet, but i have a 1972 Olds Cutlass with a 350 in it and i worked from 7am to well past midnight on redoing the interior, along with some minor engine work and rebuilding a Carb.

    Also I too bang the crap out of my knuckles...all the time.
  9. Drinking to much beer, swearing, and throwing s*** when things are not going right....
  10. Drinking too many beers before i get started. that always ticks me off because i wont work on it if im buzzed.

    Also i think too much. I try to think of every way possible that i can do something before i attempt it

    Lastly, I hate not having the right tool for the job. I will try to use whatever i have and usually end up getting pissed and screwing up the job.
  11. Bad habit? Hmmm maybe it's the fact this stuff never leaves my mouth....

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  12. i have only worked on my car one time while i was tipsey and i got alot done actually hahah.... my worst habbit is not putting my tools up when im through with them and then wondering where the hell they all went!
  13. I am guilty of that too. Maybe a little Tom Petty will calm me down too. A nice calm album like Into the Great Wide Open or Wildflowers. I got to try that! :D

    I am also guilty of making a mess of tools. By now I usually know all the sockets needed and try to take just those out, but always end up with a bunch of stuff on the ground. I also tend to misplace nuts and bolts because I put them in the most convenient place at the time but forget about them.

    I get aggravated when the creeper gets stuck on the tools and bolts I leave on the ground.
  14. same here except its copenhagen snuff, i cant wait to go home and work on my car
  15. Yup, Wildflowers is the one :p

    I leave tools on my roller chest a lot too, but only when things don't go right and I just start getting upset and mad and I want to get out of there ASAP.
  16. When your changing the oil and the socket+wrench falls into the dirty old, hot smelly oil sitting in the drain bucket. Such fun reaching in burning hot oil to get the socket out so i can take the 2nd oil pan bolt out.
  17. My biggest problem is keeping fluids IN the drainpan. I always end up spilling massive amounts of oil or something onto my fathers driveway and getting a speech about how it shouldn't have to happen like this and how I better be going to the grocery store to buy some cat litter for the driveway. Happens everytime I work on her. My cars name is the "Exxon-Valdez" now because of my dad. I also have a problem with yelling non sense, or yelling, "Your a WHORE! or your a dirty ****!" whenever I get real pissed at my car. lol I'm getting alot better with neatness now that Im gettin a little more experienced but a project isnt a project without tools spread out everywhere. haha
  18. I dont throw things anymore, because one time I was pissed, and the radio in the garage started messing up, so I threw a bolt at it, and the bolt bounced back, and hit my sun roof and left a little nick in the glass. I normally just find something to punch that wont break, but gives just enough to not break my hand.

    I have a bad habit of losing bolts and not worrying about it because I have a magic bolt box with every size and thread bolt known to man. Then the time rolls around when all the hardware stores close and Im lookin through the magic bolt box for that bolt I lost and it hits me, the bolt box always has every bolt known to man, except for the one Im looking for.

    Another bad habit I have is my love of my 650 ft-lb impact gun. I use it any time I have the space for it. The problem is when I switch it to forward I usually forget to lower the power setting on it and I snap off bolts. Then I have to go through the whole magic bolt box ordeal again.
  19. the poor dog wants to be petted. not watch you spend forever on your car while he waits for you. he wants attention.

    mine: piling **** on my workbench so its a foot or so high. i know where everything is though for some reason. i also get angry at little things.
  20. Leaving small tools on top of the radiator. Also, I can't keep track of my 1/2" socket(s!) to save my life. :mad: