bad habits you have when working on your car

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  1. I just read this to my wife and she busted out laughing. It took me five minutes to convince her that I didn't write it. Great description!!! :nice:
  2. I always leave things laying under the hood as well, the top of the factory radiator is so good at holding bolts, wrenches, etc.
  3. I never put my tools away as I work so before long all my tools are strewn about on the floor and I can never find what I need. It sucks and slows me down a lot but I always do it. It never fails.
  4. working on a hoist I often bang my head

    forget my hoodie at home and work under a salt, snow dripping car alwats sux ass

    letting the other guys at work use some of my tools....then I have to search in thier tool box to get them back
  5. loosing everything tools, nuts, bolts, parts, and probaly distractions like noticing something else to get done in the process before i finish something else
  6. I've got two things i seem to do a lot that i never seem to learn from....1 is a drop stuff a LOT and get pissed that i have to crawl under the car and fish it out...and 2 is a i have this bad habit of laying tools on my battery when i'm working around it, and it seems like almost every time i end up grounding a tool between the hot and negative posts...and that sucks.
  7. Never did find my 7/16 stub wrench...anyone else never find a tool again?
  8. Well not a tool, but I was bagging bolts when I did my first headswap like 2 years ago. I still havn't found the bag of bolts for the A/C... gone, somewhere in the engine bay... maybe thats why my motor ate it self a couple months ago? :D
  9. Bad Habits

    I am with all of the above. We need to make something to cover up the top of the radiator. I always leave bolts and tools up there and I will find them a week later sitting in there. The worst was I misplaced my wedding ring for 2 weeks. My wife was pissed. I was more pissed because I could not find it. Then low and behold. I went outside to tinker with the stang and there it was inside the gully of the radiator next to a 10mm Matco Gear Wrench. I think working on cars everyone will experience all of these. It is all worth it. Looking back at what my stang looked like and looking at it now. I know I did all the work and that makes it all worth it.
  10. Too damn scared to break bolts, I start to get hives when I look at parts that need to be removed lol (not really but I get anxious). Ever since I broke an intake bolt into a head and had to drill it out aghhhh!

    Sometimes I get mad and break things lol

  11. I know for a fact that i have some sockets stuck on top of my K member :rlaugh:
  12. i am the same way, i work at 7 am and i have stayed in the garage till like 2-3 am working. i am also a messy worker, i try and be neat but i end up leaving a socket or wrench under the car then spend 5 mins looking for that socket. i am also known for my temper when working on my car, i've punched walls causing 3 knuckles to get the skin ripped off, noumerous dents in my garage door from throwing wrenches. the one thing i have never done is hit the mustang, cause i know i will regret it. when i had to fix my tempo i beat the **** out of it though lol, dented the fender, shattered the parking light lens etc.
  13. When I did my head swap, I broke a head bolt in the block. Then I broke off an EZ out in it. Then I had to grind it out with a die grinder, rent an angle drill to drill out the old bolt, and heli-coil the hole.
  14. taking my car apart/installing parts when I need the car to get to work the same day.

    losing track of tools like 5 sec after i put them down.
  15. I use a magnet tray and place all nuts and bolts in there....and if I'm using just a few tools my front pouch pocket on my hoody sweater works good to place tools in lol. If I am using a bunch of tools I don't leave them on the rad or motor I place them on the work benck and leave them all out till the job is done then put them all away and I always seem to have all my tools when I clean up.....if something is missing it most likely is in my fron pouch pocket
  16. i always kick myself for having my girlfriend there while i try to fix something "real quick", it always turns into a home version of cheap **** or i get pissed at myself and the car if it doesn't go right.. i can also never finish something fast enough, i do a thorough job 99% of the time and as we all know, perfection takes time..and i chip my new paint sometimes..not to mention driving my precious front end over bumps and through alleys like it's a truck..makes me sad every time i hear it scrape, but happy when i nail the gas

  17. Maybe not the perfect solution, but I use 3/4" wire loom to cover the top of my radiator. It stays on and last for a year or so before having to replace. It keeps the unsightly top of the radiator covered and hides where the paint peels off.
  18. I throw stuff, cuss, like last night, one bolt wouldnt come out of the upper intake, so i started rippin on and cracked a little piece on the intake, no big deal a little super glue wont fix!! LOL
  19. 1. I can't walk away from the car no matter how frustrated and pissed of I am I just have to finish whatever I am working on or I feel like the car "won".

    2. I have a really bad temper when I am working on the car when things don't go right which usually involve lots of cursing, yelling at the car and the occasional flying tool. My neighbors know when things aren't going right. At least most of them are into cars and the rest don't really care so thats cool.

    3. One project leads to another, and another, and another, and..... well you get the idea. I just can't stop.
  20. lol i am the same way, a blown head gasket led me to pull the motor, fill in all holes, prep for paint in the engine bay, and buy about 1500 worth of parts lol