Bad happenings (near death experience)

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  1. I was being an idiot the other day and all most killed another idiot who wasn't paying attention to me being an idiot and there where allmost two less idiots in the world. Too bad huh?
  2. Awesome, you should be nominated for the darwin award
  3. 2nd vote.
  4. I'm not too sure what that means, but I'm guessing it's an unsult. After seeing that guy again today with his wife and kids I don't feel as upset about what he did. There's a good chance he just wasn't paying attention. It seems the smart thing to do would be to not speed in rural areas. Especially that fast.
  5. okay, so I just googled 'darwin award'. Nice shot guys, I almost die and you make fun of me for it. See if I share anymore life changing events with this board.
  6. Well, if the theory holds true you won't be here to share any more.
  7. straw that broke the camals back!

    Ok so I am not the kind to flame people on the net, but come on man! the things you post dont make you look so smart. This one takes the cake! You risked the life of you, your frend, and the people in the other car. For what? you are the kind of person that makes it hard for responsable drivers to enjoy there mustangs. I drive my car at or near the speed limit, Yes, I have taken cars to there limit, but in low risk controled settings. What you did and have done in other threads is uncalled for. I put my self at risk on the track (not much risk in solo autoX events) I know the danger to my self and I exept that, but you not only risk yourself but you bring in unsuspecting drivers that just want to get in there car and go from point A to B. Not to be involved in a major "impact" as you put it. You could have killed them, and if that where my wife you hit at 100mph wile she was coming out of here driveway and it didnt kill you, You better belive I would be pulling you out of what was left of your car and making sure there was not enouph left of you to ever get back behind the wheel!
    this is probobly the only time you guys will ever see me loose it like this, But I had to say something to this guy. Im sorry to be this way but its my true feelings. cars are fun but also deadly wepons in the wrong hands,and You sir are the same as a guy that closes his eyes and fires a gun in to a group of people. May God have mearcy on your soul becouse the person you eventualy hit wile pulling stunts like that will most likely not.
  8. I can understand you feeling that way. If I had been in that guys shoes I'm sure I'd be just as mad as you sound. But I don't think that intelligence is directly corrilated with enjoyment. Me and my friend enjoyed reaching those speeds. I wasn't planning on maintaing them for long. All it came down to was a horrible coencidence in timing. I'm sure almost everyone here has done something 'stupid' like this. I guess they were smarter not to share it. But If I were dumb, then your little award would be fitting, because I would have hit that car. Me being able to stay calm, even though my life and the lifes of others were at stake, is the only reason I didn't. My friend put it like this "If anyone else had been driving, I can't say I think we'd have made it" becuase alot of people freak out when they see something 3 seconds in front of them, at any speed. I'm not calling myself super driver, far from it. But I can'r believe I'm being flammed as an idiot for this. If you met me in person I could talk circles around your head about topics you've never heard of. Car's are really only a hobby for me. Along with telekenetics, physics, astrological anomolies, theoligy, electrical and mechanical engineering, novel writing, philiosohpy, antropology, phsycology, and so on. To call me dumb because of a mistake is a falicy. To call me dumb because of the things I post on this silly website is just plain wrong. You know, for a community, people here have a way of being very 'non-acceptant' of others ways. Try to remember, I am a real person, not some chat program. When you insult me, my brain releases chemicals which alter the way in which my nueral transmitters operate, causeing me to feel bad. I came here to meet and talk with people like me. I thought that common ground would mean that we would all have something in common. But I don't think there's anyone here that seems to understand a thing about me. When you think I'm saying something stupid, it's probably becuase you can't see the point of view it's coming from. The idea of what is and isn't 'Possible' isn't one I worry about. If I don't think something will work, I'll make it.
    I think the problem is, the way I act. I like to take alot of things litely. What you're calling dumb, my friends all know as humor. Until you know me personally, I'd appreciate it if you didn't make preconceptions.
  9. Ugh Spelling, please take up a hobby of spelling, I get a headache trying to read this stuff!

    I have one friend in the hospital right now, and another one out but in bad shape due to a similar "bout of fun".
    115 down a back road near their apartments. Throw in a bit of loose gravel, a guardrail, tree and one Lincoln Mark VII and you have some bad news.
    Block is broke in half, Trans is sittign in the back seat, car is a good 2-3 ' shorter than it was, the driver still in ICU with a shattered Pelvis, Hip, arm, Ribs, Numerous contusions, and also 5 current charges facing him when he gets out.
    Other Bud got banged up as well, dislocated hip, Bad bruises, and lots of contusions.
    But hey, at least One of them got to ride in a Helicopter!
  10. I'm sorry to hear about that. And sorry on spelling, it's hard for me to watch when I'm trying to get a point across. I'm not defending driving like that. It's a risk we take. I will tell you this; there is no other rush in the world like the one I had after that experience yesterday. If that stuff was a drug, I'd be addicted. But let's face it, we wouldn't build fast cars if we didn't like going fast. The true virtue is knowing when and where to unleash that power. I made a bad decision that almost cost 3 people the ultimate price. Since then, I have been 100% more alert, and haven't taken back up speeding. Trust me when I say I feel bad about this happening. If I had cost those children their father, I couldn't forgive myself. Life is a very precious thing. That's why I try to live it like I want. But there is a time and a place for everything. Knowing when and where is the tricky part. It's even more dangerous on the highway. I really wish this was germany, and I could just hop on the autobhaun and get my kicks, but it isn't, and I can't.
  11. What the hell's so "thrilling" about going 100 anyway? That's what I don't get. Everyone always talks about taking their car up to 100 or 120 or whatever. I guess that was exciting when I was in high school, for about 5 minutes, but I don't see what's so great about it. Just increases your chances of having a bad wreck.
  12. You basically contradicted yourself there. The whole concept of 'thrill' is that you are doing something dangerous. Going 100+ is dangerous. So is sky diving, bungy jumping, rock climbing, bmx'ing, ect. We as humans have a need to push the limits of our own mortality, to prove death that were not scared of it. That's how I see it anyway.
  13. Let me tell you this from daily experience, the autobahn is not as great as you all in the states precieve it. There are actually speed limits on most of the autobahn now. I would have to say the nicest part about the autobahn is that everybody drives the same and has an understanding of it and the risk. In the states go bonkers driving on the highways just because there are people that wish to drive in the left lane the exact same speed or slower than the one in the right lane. Germans are very7 agressive drivers, but also all drive the same. Americans get pissed off and act stupid. Thats when you get a wreck.
    As far as speeding down a back road at over 100mph, that is just brainless, you never do that where houses or driveways are.If you think you could not control it in an emergency, then you should probably not be doing it.

    On the same note. I was a kid once also and did some stupid ****. (speeding around town like it was a go-kart track). All I gota say about what I did, is that I was so very lucky that I never hit a kid, or that the many mad parents never decided to call my car in and have the cop across the street come and take me to jail. I grew out of that after not to long.

    If one is to do something like speeding down a road, do it where no one is, and realize that something still can happen (a jogger, loose road, a critter on the road, or even police), the best option would be to go to the town hall and put out a notice and do the paperwork to have the road shut down and secured (not likely to happen). The easiest and best is to find a track and use it to goof around on.

    Why we all are mad at you is that we all dont really know you, we have not grown a bond with you, thus you are giving us bad first impressions. I am glad though that you realize what you did was extremely bad, and that you learned a lesson from it. That's what it takes sometimes.

    And I could care less about my spelling... I run reports for a job and do enough checking after my spelling. ;-)

  14. I rock climb and i used to drive a 2.3 n/a in california traffic...thats risky enough.
    The reason i voted for the darwin award is not becuase i wanted you outa here, rather your logic was way off. It sounded like this

    "well i minorly breaking the law and this guy backed out and totally put everyone's lives in jepordy"

    Here is how it should have sounded

    " i decided to put everyone in mortal danger to please my selfish thrill-seeking nature, ill be smarter next time and not do illegal things like that in places where the risk of killing others for my own gain is so high"

    Now on that note, we have all done stupid things...learning from them is a must, or you become stupid. I hope you learned a valuable lesson.

    ps: how were you gauging speed, do you have an 140 cluster or a gps?
  15. I do fully understand your reasoning. My feelings about the whole situation changed when I saw the guy the next day with his family around him, getting ready to get in the car. It had been just him the day before. He might not have seen me, but had they all been with him, someone would have. I don't like the thought of killing anyone for my own amusement, if I did, I'd be a murderer. I do 'see the light' about this, it's not safe to drive crazy in public areas. As far as getting a road shut down for me, I don't see that happening, but there are a couple desserted roads around here that are prime for such behavior. If I decide to do this ever again, it will be one of those safe roads I do it on. I almost feel like going to that guys house and appologizing to him, but that'll probably just get me socked in the face. The sad thing as that this really doesn't compare to how I was in my 98 taurus. I did 100 EVERYWHERE in that thing. I made the 30 min trip to where I worked in 8. and that's no joke. I would even drive like that on White Horse Rd. Otherwise known as Main street peidmont. I've grown up some since those dangerous days, and since the other day, feel like I'm probably 'old' enough to use my head for smartness, instead of Fun. Woodster, to answer your question, I've been speeding around on a ford 85 guage since my ole bronco II, and have aquired a knack for judging speeds past 85. when it's pointed straight down and tapping the trip switch, that's about 120-30. I'd like to upgrade to a full reading speedo, but that'll come after I make the car a little safer to even drive. Those rear brakes are dangerous, even at normal speed.
  16. Im sure you could find some kind of track to take your "high preformance" n/a 2.3 to do some racing, like I stated about autoX if you loose it the worst that can come is flat spotted tires and a few dead cones. The reson I got all bent out of shape is becouse you show a real lack of judgement in the things you do. Yes I have done things I shouldnt have but I have never done those speeds in that situation. If I was street racing someone it was on a strait peace of road with no side streets and a guy at both ends blocking trafic. The only lives in danger where ours, or maybe an aradilo with bad timing.(I did almost flip my truck one time to miss a dog!) I am 22years old, and look all of 17. When people see me in a bright red droptop mustang they automaticly think I am going to be stupid with it. I can not tell you how many times I have been fallowed by a cop. Now they all know me and leave me alone. Still every other time I stop at a light someone wants to race. normaly i ignore them but if I feel like starting some trouble Ill role down the window and make a smart a$$ coment about them being dumb for trying that in the middle of town. I dont agree with racing through town, last year two cars where racing through a SCHOOL ZONE of all places and killed the driver of a car doing 20mph who was triing to get out of there way. And perhaps you missed my post about the guy in my car club who wrapped his vet around a tree and burned to death! He was the only one killed but if you saw the impact it had in our comunity it was verry sad.
    I will now get off my soap box, Thank you and good day sir.
  17. Well im glad to hear your mindset has changed, but i throw a little snapper in there...fully pegged (trip meter) isnt 120-130, atmost its a little above 100mph.
  18. hmm. The ratio must get skewed then. Judging by distance from 80-85, it should be.
  19. I detect an a$$clown! How can you rationalize and justify stupidity? Doing over 100mph in a residential area with wet pavement.... and you're trying to blame it on the person that backed out of the driveway in front of you? When you're not used to seeing a car doing 100mph on your street, they probably saw you and thought they had plenty of time to back out and get going......not knowing you're doing triple digits. You have something missing in your head... a few bricks short of a load( can you figure out that analogy Mr. Allmighty scholar of telekenetics, physics, astrological anomolies, theoligy, electrical and mechanical engineering, novel writing, philiosohpy, antropology, phsycology, and so on...... I forgot expert at high speed manuevers on wet pavement and keeping your cool. Justify that accident actually happening and killing your passenger and the people in the van? I suppose it was his fault for riding with you and the van's fault for pulling out. You're selfish and ignorant. Get a clue. I honestly can't believe you tried to justify your criminal actions. People that think that way are locked up. I work with juvenile delinquents and they rationalize things in the same manner as you... justify their actions by projecting the blame upon others... or "nobody got hurt, whats the big deal" "it's not going to hurt me so what do I care" "If they pull out it's their own fault". It's called criminal thinking... that's what we try to change and have them hold themselves accountable for their own actions and change their thought patterns to make good decisions. It sounds like you need to refigure the way you think because it's completely skewed off the charts. Justifying your stupidity by blaming someone else? The accident would have completely been your fault... an accident of complete stupidity. I'm glad you're such a scholar in all of those other subjects.. Maybe you need to stay inside and work on your novels and psychology and stay out of your car. If you're a scholar in psychology one would think you would have a little better though process. Or...... are you not really so knowledgable in those areas... Hmmmm :shrug:
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