Engine Bad Ignition Module?

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  1. On a nice day this spring, I switched the ignition module to a popular parts by mail place brand performance replacement TFI module. I did not know how old the old one is, and I wanted to use some ceramic thermal grease before it went bad. When I went to plug the new TFI module in, the top three tabs were a little wider than on the original one, so I had to narrow them with my ignition file to get it to plug in. I tried to just plug it in before I saw the difference. Then I reset the timing and waited for a drier day to test drive it.

    So the area outside the shop was dry today and the car started right up. But at 2000 rpm, (and it seems to be happening at lower RPMs the longer I run it), the tach needle jumps up and down and the car acts like it has an ignition problem. Koeo code 11, koer codes, 94, 44 (air pump and cat. parts still not hooked up), and 34 (jrichker and I have TRIED to chase this EGR bug down.) I do not see any vac. lines off in the area where I have been looking at the thermactor hole plugs.

    So do I put the original module back on and drive it to failure and NEVER buy performance parts from this mail order brand again? I doubt it will be warranted as it was hanging on the wall for 2-3 months before I put it in. Should I buy a new one from Ford and keep the old one in my glove box?
  2. IMO put in a new FORD TFI and be done with it. I bet the one you have is MSD?
  3. Not a MSD. The local Ford stealeraship wanted $2oo and to ship it in from Denver. I went NAPA Ecklin now for a lot less, it is in my car NOW, and hope it is a good part. Everything is good, at least to start with.
  4. I never had anything but bad luck with "high performance" ignition parts on my old GT , but it was mostly stock. I ended up swapping my stuff back to OEM spec replacements and had much better luck with them.
  5. Rock auto has the FORD TFI for half that amount before discounts. Great company and super pricing. Make sure you coat the base plate of the TFI with a THIN coat of correct silicone heat sink compound- (Arctic Silver at Radio Shack or equivalent not the stuff you put on spark wires)

    MOTORCRAFT Part # DY1076 {Click Info Link for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers}
    View attachment 128894 View attachment 128895 Automatic trans.
    DY1076-FRO.jpg $95.79

    MOTORCRAFT Part # DY1074 {#5U2Z12A297A, DY425, E43Z12A297A}
    View attachment 128897 View attachment 128898 w/ Distributor Mounted Module; Standard trans.
    DY1074-FRO.jpg $106.89
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  6. I'd go for the Ford piece, although my Accel tfi has been in for many trouble free years
  7. I would also say rockauto is the place to go. Motorcraft parts for 1/2 of what a dealer charges. And I have usually got my parts in 3 days from them.

    I learned my lesson on aftermarket TFI's JUNK!. Motorcraft is the only way to go on those.
  8. Go to O'reilly's and get the Borg Warner one. I got one for my '92 Bronco and it came with a lifetime warranty (Motorcraft is only like 2 years) and it was only like $64 or $74 but I also get a discount at O'reilly's so you'd probably end up spending like $80 or so.