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  1. Having some issues and i'm hoping my fellow stangers can offer some help. It started a week or so ago, I decided to run some seafoam through the car....strange I thought, no smoke out the back well that's not entirely unheard of I thought, must not be to bad. Couple a days later the car feels like its struggling a little and the power is off some. The next day its starts missing, bucking and running terrible once it has warmed up. This weekend I started doing a little trouble shooting. Pulled the plugs and all but two look perfect, the other two have some build up around the ceramic part at the base of the plug, so I clean those really good and go for a drive......same problem once warm its starts missing something terrible. So I pull the codes and i'm getting a 211 profile ignition pickup fault. In doing a little research I learn that it is most likely the pickup in the dizzy has gone bad.....heres the strange part....yesterday after running the codes I decided to go ahead and use the remaining seafoam and try it again, after letting it sit 5-10 minutes after using seafoam smoke starts rolling out of the back but I noticed now I have the miss no matter whether hot or cold. Is it possible that the seafoam fouled a plug or is the seafoam just coincidence and my problem is still the code 211?
  2. The computer doesn't lie and seafoam and the PIP never see each other. Not saying it's the PIP as it usually just fails and the car won't start or run. Are you counting CEL flashes or do you have a code reader. The reader for $22 is one of the best tools in the toolbox.
  3. Your distributor is about to leave you stranded on the side of the road and I speak from experience when I say that. I encountered the exact same thing about 10yrs ago and kept thinking it was something coil related until it left me stranded on the side of the road almost two hours from home. Replaced the distributor and all was back to normal.
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    ya i second this i just went through that, bad pip, left me stranded a few different times before i figured it out dont change the guts in the distributor....just chsnge the whole thing