Bad News for 65stanger

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  1. Now first off, this wasn't my fault, because it never entered my mind, but my oldest son was over this morning and I was talking about my broken steering wheel in the 65 pickup and he suggested checking the Mustang spoke wheel I have to see if it fit.

    Well the wheel is too small, BUT

    The Rally Pac fits like a glove.:rolleyes: , anyone got a wiring diagram for the rally-pac?
  2. :(

    Note to self...: Bring tools Oct 7.
  3. 5/16 socket and you should be all set:D
  4. :nice:

    Further note to self: Bring 5/16'' socket AND case of beer to distract WORTH..........

  5. Look down the bottom of the page:D
  6. I dunno, I don't think it goes with the interior of your truck, color is all wrong or something..............:shrug:

    BTW......You wouldn't by any chance have a fifth rim to match the four you gave me last year would ya???:D
  7. You guys are crazy :crazy:
  8. Fifth rim? You want a whole complete set of four! And, if they came off aMonarch, you want the Mercury center caps (if he's got them). If not, I'm sure I.....I mean you can pick the caps up somewhere! :p
  9. I'm still waiting to see the Cobra Body on the PU chassis, complete with Monarch rims & rallye Pak.....
  10. I'll type slowly so you understand StDr.............
    I want a FIFTH rim, I HAVE a "complete" set of four, now I need one for a know, the decorative one that rides in the trunk and usually has no air in it.......
    And the Magnum 500 center caps fit perfectly, and better "fit" my application as sally is a MUSTANG!

    btw.......I was informed by the cheap one that these were probably Granada rims...........:shrug:

    Don't tempt us.............:nono:
  11. You don't know.................:rolleyes:
  12. We've been deranged for a long time here!

    BBFCM, he needs to read some of our old threads, aye?:nice:
  13. Yaar,, I've been on these forums long enough to know that everybody here is out of control. And I wouldn’t have it any other way :SNSign:
  14. BDT,

    If you can find them, or ask one of us, classic threads like my "topless" thread, or Pak vs Hop, or some of Hungrymonkey's early stuff is priceless!

    We were seriously out of control!
  15. :bs::mad::fuss:
    I hate to disagree with you O Master of the Cheap..........Our wildly careening back and forth, cross-hijacking and running amok everywhere may APPEAR that we are out of control, but each move (for the most part) is meticulously planned and executed by highly skilled and trained professionals and should NOT be tried at home!:nono:

    That being said, tighten your seat belts, here comes the loop de loop!:eek:

  16. That mayhem was controlled?
  17. The question you should be asking yourself is, what exactly is control????? :shrug:
  18. Just like a giant cosmic roller coaster!:D
    One word..........DEPENDS.

    Then you don't have to worry about incontinence!:D
  19. I like to live just outside the boundary of control, makes life more interesting.
  20. That Rally Pack looks awesome in the truck! You should be able to order the Rally Pack harness from any of the mustang suppliers and just wire it in as if it were a mustang.

    You can see they are pretty cheap.