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  1. At four years old, he works harder than some adults I know! You can't stop him from helping. I often forget he's dissabled.
  2. :nono:

    Alright, this is gettin' real old real fast. I dunno if you're tryin' to impress anyone 65fastback2+2, or trying to get one anyone's good side by bein' "funny", but it sure isn't working.

    You sure aren't impressing me.

    If you wanna hang with Us, it's cool, but you don't have to act out. You may not see it as acting out and such, but when you have all of the guys who have been here for years like Dad (Chepsk8)!, BBFCM, StangDreamin', Pak, and everyone tellin' you to turn it down, do it dude...

    :nono: :nonono: :notnice:

    I'll stop here. Thanks for the appology... Just chill dude...

  3. being from texas, i thought i could get away with it...turns out...there wasnt enough mexican in me to get away with it =/ :nono:

    its also what happens when you try and restore a car doing big jobs in 1 screw up like me :D
  4. Ahhhh.......but is he? Perhaps "challenged" might be a better word? Just because he may have some restrictions to his abilities, his helping out and working harder than those adults proves he is as "able" as the next.:hail2:
    GOD Bless both of you (your wife too!):hail2:
  5. Good job, Dee. :nice:
    When the heck did you grow up, anyways? Does Chepsk8 know about this???
    And, could you talk to my daughter Jessie? Please?

    65fastback2+2: It's all in the context! For instance - you don't have to show us off for "senile old leg-humpers" ; we already do that ourselves! :D Look at Chepie's pix of the bikini-clad babes in the Corbras; or my apparent lust for Chelle's avatar. I mean come on.....wood over a cartoon avatar????? :rolleyes: You can give it a shot if you think you're up to it; but be warned, you're dealing with professionals here. :p

    As I said before, all of us guys are very sensitive about our families (even Dan and Fritz, the consumate bachelors). Personally, I have been drug multiple times through the shnizzit pile by different people (in RT, not on this page); and I just pass them a happy little "Foxtrot Uniform" and go on.
    Involve my wife or kids, and it's like a little voice in my head starts screaming out a line from Shakespeare: "Cry havoc! And unleash the Dogs of War" Then I start reaching for whatever seems to be the best available tool - be it a knife, hammer, hatchet, 14" Crescent Wrench (big crescent wrenches "throw" really well and knock down whatever they hit) , Mr Smith and Mr Wesson or their pal Mr Winchester, a truck whose grille is already busted, whatever.

    Like I said before, the families (especially the kids) are sacred, and will get you in serious trouble every time.
  6. Sometimes what I mean never makes it to the internet too well.

    Like I said...the comment was directed at bbfcm and nothing more...i was just trying to play with the big boys and have fun. Ive never messed up before while playing around with you can we just count this as strike one and forgive me?

  7. As you know, D's brother is autistic, so our family as well deals with a special person every day. But, the rewards when they accomplish something great is just awesome.:nice:

  8. I've been watching, keeping my space. Looks like that issue is done, I am cool, back to Amoking.
  9. Anybody see a rally pac lying about....? :scratch:
  10. its right here, i won it from dan
  11. You did the right thing, glad to see you apologized for it. We all make mistakes but after a sincere apology everything tends to work out, just never do it again, for instance one thing I will never do again, is get mucked up at a shinedown concert, get a picture taken with the rocksquad girls, and come home to tell the girl you would one day like to marry about the whole ordeal. All you have to do is have a sincere apology and everything works itself out. (It also never hurts to buy flowers) Glad to see everybody is back to amoking.
  12. I took your rally pac, :mad: Thats what you get for having a party without us!!!!! I plan on pawning it off at the next swap meet.
  13. Being in our situation I just grew tired of going through the politically correct list of terms for describing it just to get my point across without possibly offending anybody (Not that I think I have, I know you're just letting me know what a blesssing he is). I sound like a walking sound bite now when I give my speel in response to somebody asking, "So what's his problem again? I've never heard of it before."

    Being the line of work you are in, I think you may find his condition interesting. Francis has a rare condition (one of only 60 children in Canada) called Moebious Syndrome. Basically, it's a cranial nerve disorder characterized by paralysis associated with the nerves (of which there are twelve) affected. His face and half his tongue are paralized. He cannot smile or make facial expressions. He also does not blink and his eyes cannot move laterally, so he has to turn his head like an owl to look around. He has very low muscle tone which is quite common for his condition, and was unable to sit up or support his head for almost a year, and couldn't come close to walking untill he was almost three. He recieves physio, occupational, and speech therapy. He also gets equestrian therapy (horse back riding for the disabled) to help build up his core muscles. Speech-wise we use both sign language and regular speech to converse. Sometimes it is very difficult and frustrating to understand the point he is trying to get across when he is telling me something new that happened and we don't know the signs to describe it and he can't form the words that he wants to say. He also has major difficulties eating and was NG fed when we first were allowed to bring him home.

    We travelled to San Francisco this past July for the Moebious Syndrome Foundation conference. What an enlightening time finally meeting other families with the same issues we face. We were able to attend lectures by doctors specializing in Moebious and have him assessed afterwards. One of the assessments (Dan can relate to this) found Francis to be in the high functioning end of the autism spectrum.

    Here's some photos from a horse show the therapeutic riding association put on. Francis won first place in the costume catagory. My wife and I made it for him the night before. I'm also on the board of directors for the riding centre.

    View attachment 433926

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  14. He looks like a natural on that horse!:nice:
    GOD Bless you again, and have patience and pity for the fools that don't understand.:nice: :hail2:
  15. one of the kids at church has some form of, i slightly* understand what you deal with...on a very small basis though....its good to hear he can communicate and is on the high functioning end....the child at church cant really....hopefully one day he'll have a stang of his own:nice:
  16. Don't go to the swap meet yet! Lemme see if there's a way I can wrap that sucker around the fat steering column on the '73 XR(should be XL-7! :D
  17. You guys are being awful free with my rally-pac, don't make me come down there.
  18. If you do, bring your lovely wife and a picnic basket of her home cookin' !!!:nice:
  19. MMMMMMM All this talk of her awsome cooking reminds me a lot of home
  20. Say when! I'm there as well! That chili & apple pie were delcious!:D