Bad Noise :/

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  1. Well I have a 96 mustang gt, I love it to death. But she has many problems and one is getting worse.

    It's a noise coming from the front of the motor... I think. It's also audibly loud from the oil pan. It sounds like loose metal balls, or a blender that is blending ice.

    I think my timing chain tensioner has gone bad or the guides are broken and the chain is loose. I just wanted to know if you guys ever heard anything like this. Just want an idea before I take off my timing cover

    The video is too big to upload here to the site, my phone records in 1080p :p sorry for the external link.

  2. It sounds like timing chain slap from worn out guides & a stretched out chain to me IMHO.....
  3. Well I guess it's time for an awesome update. The car is no longer running. Died 2 months ago while coming out of winco after grocery shopping. I thought for sure timing jumped but after pulling the valve covers it
    Looks like the crank gear broke apart. All the valves on the head are closed... I'm gonna pull the cover off this week end and see how bad it broke and go from there.

  4. No luck with my old 1996 mustang gt. Just for giggles I put new crank gears, timing chains and tensioners with guides, timed it and... bent valves. I was going to put a new engine in it but I just don't have the time. It was fun posting here, posting my mistakes and finds. When the crank gear broke the week after I bought a 2008 gt500, I'm going to do mods to that and sell this car to a friend of mine who will get it back up and running. sn95 love for life, cheers guys
  5. Pics of some of the damage I guess we now know what the bad noise was.

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  6. Last update, pi swapped on the stock block . Piston was fine not even a knick in it, exhaust valve bent and wouldn't seat or move. All in all I learned not to be a lazy butt, only takes a few hours to replace the worn out tensioners, chains, and gears. Who knew if you hear a horrible noise coming from the timing cover it may be good idea to take care of it before it lets go.