Bad squeeking noise

Discussion in 'Other Auto Tech' started by Jinx, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. This is for a 99 Ford Ranger, with under 15k on the clock.

    The noise occurs from the front passenger side of the truck. It only occurs when the steering is turned to the right. It occurs while parked or while in motion.

    I'm thinking maybe the ball joint, but not sure. I'm hoping it's not the rack. If it is the joint, does it need to be greased or replaced? Can I replace it myself, without any special tools?

    Could it be anything else?

  2. Well, I will find out tomorrow. Taking it in to a trusted mechanic. Since I suspect the ball joints, I had them quote me a price. For parts (both uppers and lowers) both sides, labor and alignment $416 :eek:

    I had them quote me for both sides because if it is the ball joints on the right side, I may as well get both sides done while it's there and only have to get the alignment once.
  3. No need to wait till tomorrow. I crawled under the truck when I got home today. All the rubber boots around all 4 joints are cracked, torn and have pieces missing. So almost all of the grease is gone. Guess it's gonna be 4 new ones. :(