Bad Taste Mustang Mods

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  1. What Mods do you see done to a Mustang that just makes your Skin Crawl? 2 off the top of my head are 4 Lug Cobra Replicas and cutting holes in the Rear Bumper Cover for exhaust pipes to come through.
  2. I think everyone remembers where I stand on 4 lug Cobra R's. :lol:

    Another thing is clear tail lights/euro tails.

    Big wings

    Crappy body kits

    Notchs' with any body kit

    4 eyes turned into Areos

    Brightly painted drum brakes

    A dirty Fox
  3. 1) Slapping on cobra emblems and telling everyone you drive a cobra.
    2) Verts with a gt spoiler
    3) Any aluminum spoilers
    4) Aftermarket foglights or foglights on anything but a GT
  4. Chrome bumper lettering. Nasty.
  5. I didnt even think of the Ricey stuff when I made the Thread, Clear Tail lights Wings and Body Kits also fit right in there with those Silly Cobra 4 Lug Wheels.
  6. lambo doors and street fighter body kits
  7. my 97 cobras are 4-lug :D
  8. :nono:
  9. Some cant afford to do the 5lug conversion kit.
    I personally did not want the Cobra's on mine because it is to common. I instead went with 4-lug Saleen. I think it looks good. Those are the 1st thing people notice and like with my GT. I also went with a Cobra wing, but dont have Cobra badges and wont even think about trying to pass as a Cobra. I like it better than the factory wing.
    Now with the clear lights, alum wings NAH. I like a clean looking stang. None of this off the wall crap.
    One thing I dont like is someone with the no where near close correct tire size. Hate the holes in the rear bumper for the tailpipes. O and no BUMPER STICKERS or stickers on windows.
  10. All of that, and I would like to add, 25" cowl hoods on stock motor cars.
  11. O YEA no big cowl hoods.
  12. Someone mentioned body kits on notches, I agree, but it's about time to retire DECH kits on ANY stang. Sorry guys, but i've had it with the dech kit and ROH rim combo, damn, it's so 90's.
  13. Well my cousin slapped on a fake 1982 scoop on his 95 :puke:

    Any form of altezza tail lights

    1 piece headlights aren't doing it for me

    "Mustang" wording on the windshield

    GT ground effects on a Notch :nono:

    That ugly ass bumper from Mr.Bodykit :puke: :puke:

    20" wheels :lol:
  14. Saleen wings on notches. :puke:
  15. There's a few I usually can't stand, but oftentimes they really do flow well with the car. Things I can not look past:

    ditto those, plus:

    -Rims w/more than 5 spokes (unless it's a split 5-spoke)

    -chrome fender/door trim (hello Pep Boys)

    -holes cut out of the rear bumper for pipes (semi-circles are ok if done right)

    -side exhaust without matching side skirts (hello '80s)

    -Racing/sport seats in color that don't match the rest of the interior

    -bright or chrome wire loom in the engine bay (cheesy beyond belief)

    -4-lug Saleen rims (Cobras never bothered me, I think the contours of the spokes took away from the lug holes, whereas the Saleen rims do NOT)

    -block-letter stitching on interior (if you're going to make the effort, make it look like it's supposed to be there and you didn't have it run off at the mall on sale)

    That's all I've got right now :)

    edit: anything that looks like it was just thrown on and not picked out specifically 'for' the car. At least in show cars, anyway, it's cheap and boring, and shows little effort.

  16. d-man is a DECH rear on his car and it still makes me :drool:
  17. I don't like 5.0 emblems on decklids or glued on dashboards. Just don't look right if placed anywhere but fenders.
  18. Same here. It looks so tacky when someone sticks one on the dash. :notnice:
  19. I'd never heard of until just now. I checked it out and.... OMG is that terrible. I hope I never see a real fox wearing that kit. :nonono:
  20. I dont understand why everybody hates the 4 lug r's? I think it shouldnt matter cause not everybody can afford a 5 lug conversion and the rims to go along with it. and whats the deal with hating cowl hoods? Most people with an up graded motor dont even need them as most peoples cars are EFI. I personally dont care what people do to their cars if its not in my taste i look away but i dont go online bashing everything. There a seriously a bunch of haters on this site.