Bad Taste Mustang Mods

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  1. Yeah, well it's the law in some places.:rolleyes:
  2. Theres a guy by me with a yellow 03/04 Cobra Convertable... and it has one of those huge double decker fiberglass wings on top of the trunk... with the stock wing still there... ones of these suckers
  3. and what about these 20 inch 4 lug

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  4. dont start that again lmao... i like that car except for the tails, the pipes and wheels. other than that, i would own it.

  5. It's the law where I'm from too, but any law that defaces the looks of a nice car is meant to be broken. Most likely you wouldn't get pulled over just for that if you're not doing other things. Just keep the front plate under the front seat, stick it in the windshield and say you couldn't find a bracket for it.
  6. Drill out the center of the plastic rivet and it should come off. Im debating keeping mine or taking it off or possibly putting a Ford Racing plate in it.
  7. I took mine off and had the body shop fill the holes and repaint it.
  8. Curb feelers...

    oh wait this is bad taste mods... ummm not having curb feelers
  9. I dont like monster tach with shift lights, I can tolerate them in race cars only.
  10. OH...I think I've managed to meet the 'hate it' criteria on most every other post....see interior....I ain't no race car :(


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  11. Well, I don't want to run the risk of getting a ticket (clean record) just because I wanted my car to "look nice".
  12. What exactly is the point of having two tach's?

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  13. Like I said before "each to his own"
  14. autometer reads 6000...stock reads 4900...pretty good reason. During my dyno tune we found that 950 on autometer was actually 825 real idle. Guess I just like to shift at my peak can shift where ever you want :)
  15. Stock tach doesn't work worth a ****.

  16. so do lamb of god cd's but you don't see anyone with those strapped to their hoods do you...

    lol j/k i'm a LOG fan as well:p
  17. Don't know if this has been said.. but I HATE HATE HATE huge wheels with teeny tiny stock brakes behind them. ugh, looks horrible :bang:
  18. Thats why its your car and not mine or who ever else doesnt like what they see. As long as the owner likes it who gives a ****. If one wanted a shift light they should look into a raptor shift light, stealth ftw! at least imo

  19. your mom, thats what:SNSign:
  20. I also hate those chrome fender flares.I still see them around on some Mustangs here,new and old.