Bad Taste Mustang Mods

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  1. Plus those Teeny, Tiny Brakes show the nice Rusty Drums through the Rear Wheels and the nice Rusty Calipers through the Front Wheels!
  2. tickets like no front plate, inspection, exhaust etc. are not moving violations and therefore, do not show up on your record nor affect insurance.
  3. Since you started this thread lets see you car so we can rip it apart.
  4. Along w/ the rest of the stock gauge cluster for that matter.;)

    I hate it when people hack up the rear bumpers on GT's for tailpipes...:nono:
  5. the euro's you like? the wing?
  6. he said he didnt like the tails.

    tails=euros :)

    my car is ugly, it has a cowl hood :)
  7. I will probably get flamed for this, but I usually hate most GT's, and your car looks amazing imo. :nice:
  8. I couldn't agree more! he probably has Welds (i see more of those than R's!) or original 10 holes and is making fun of cobra R's...oh wait do you even have a car? please dont post up a pick of your big wheel momma bought you.

    Nothing a lot fo us can do about the front liscence plate thing either, so go **** to the state and fed governments.

  9. I would rather have one in my car (which will be a street/strip car) then strain my eyes to see the $hitty, inaccurate stock tach. Buying a smaller 3" tach will have you squinting as well.. the last thing i want to do is hit the wall at the track because it took me too long to see what RPM i was at. just my 2 hundreths of a dollar.

  10. :Word: Up G
  11. fo teh win.
  12. I got one, people who put sbc's in fox bodied stangs.
  13. Damn, knocked me off the list... :(

  14. What about any engine other then Ford? no sbc's, mopar's, honda b18bca14's etc etc :shrug:
  15. After this thread, im gunna have to junk the stang :( .. anyone want a 1990 notch..

  16. I've heard of atleast 2 people who did that. I want to get an 84-86 vette and put a 460 in it, go to superchevy shows and piss off the bowtie's. :D
  17. I missread, I thought it said SFCs (Subframe Connectors)

    Nevermind I am still cool...

    Wait I have the luggage rack nevermind... :(


  18. Well I have racing stripes, so I don't know if I'm cool or not.
  19. Man this thread is crap.
  20. total crap.....