Bad Taste Mustang Mods

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  1. I see a lot of different suggestions, and some of it is just personal preference. Some is just taste, some is very bad.

    To start, I can't stand it when there are broken parts on a car, such as the ashtray door. It's too cheap and easy any yet gets overlooked. Things such as yellow, going brown headlamps, sagging seats, cracked windshields, not only looks nasty, but is a saftey concern. It also says "IDK about my foxbody" and those cars should be confiscated and given to a rightfull owner.

    4 lug Cobra R's, I had them, it doesn't make a difference because that extra lug makes no difference in performance, or reliability, or safety. Well see how much better your 5 lug looks when it is getting pulled by a 4lug car that the owner put his money into the engine instead. If you do the 5 lug conversion, it is a total waste unless you upgrade the brakes and spindles. And after that, get something better than Cobra R's.

    I agree, euro/altezzas are nasty. anythign over 18" just looks stupid in the wheel wells of a fox. Stickers suck, bodykits blow, and front liscence plates if you don't need them are plain gay.
  2. Its a 92GT with 56,000 Miles, Titanium Frost, M2300K Cobra Brake Conversion with Factory Bullitt Wheels, and a Bullitt Suspension.
  3. Pics?
  4. I have no Idea how to Post Pics on here, but there is a Pic of my car in "My Garage"
  5. There is no garage in your profile
  6. [​IMG]

    here ya go

    I think we need some interior pics too
  7. What about a cracked factory CD player where one got mad and punched it because it tries to eject a cd so long as the car is on :shrug:

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  8. :lol:
  9. I had a Blaujunk CD player I did that to cuz the face kept poping off, I sold it to somebody, they taped the face on and still uses it today :rlaugh:

  10. At least yours was intentional.. i was at the track, my hand actually slipped off the shifter going into 3rd, i broke the face of the radio, missed 3rd something fierce, got mad, tried to jam it into 3rd, and thats what started my tranny whining. it sounded like i had a gear drive or a blower the whine was so loud. :nonono:
  11. bullits on a fox these days are almost as common as R's soo nice work...

  12. Aww, and I was planning on getting chrome bullits after I do my 5 lug swap.
    Fox's aren't as common anymore in my corner of Texas.
  13. Thanks for Posting it up from "My Garage"! The Interior is Completely Stock Leather and a Factory Sunroof. Tha Facory Sucky Radio has got to go soon!