bad to the bone soon. 5.4 3v arrives

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, Sep 21, 2005.

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  3. You read about the TSB on the 3V heads.......? lol
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  5. Nice! Where did you get that? I was thinking its the one that will be in the 07 Cobra...but no S/C? What car is that going to be offered in?
  6. Looks like the motor from the '04-'06 F150 Lariat. My buddy has one of the '04s with the 5.4L Triton motor.. it's a 3V and looks just like that
  7. atlantic coast motors. very expensive. ford of austrailia offers an aluminum intake for it. i am going to modify this intake. i will control the VCT for power not emissions. with long tubes, modified intake, huge cam, it is worth enough to go 11.50. i will have to add "H" beam rods and forged pistons. the crank is already steel. this motor is a NVH block. make sure you get NVH. it is WAY stronger than first 3v's. mt delemna is whether to use my 'tork stepper' long tubes or get 1 5/8 to 2" steppers. the stock manifolds have supported 11.50 et's. i have to use my maf and injectors for mixture to work. massive custom tune will be necessary for correct mixture. no need to be afraid of VCT. pulse modulating controllers are everywhere.
  8. William, certainly keep us up to date on this interesting project. What vehicle did this engine come in? Something made only in Australia? What is the VCT control?
  9. i think u'll be the first one on this forum with 3V on SN95?
  10. awesome, now please at least paint those valve covers...ugh.
  11. i told my wife the 4.6 is worn out. i also told her the 5.4 will fit under the hood. i guess it's 4" carbon fibre for me. the `05 f-150 MAF/air cleaner is not such a bad deal to use. i am going to try buying one and installing it facing backwards and feed it with the opening on the cowl. we shall see... i also told her it will get better gas mileage. justifying a $20,000 project is hard work.
  12. I think its shameful Ford didn't drop a 5.4 in the car in the first place.
  13. holly hell!!!! $20,000???? thats nuts, u can spend way less than 1/2 that and be faster and still drive it daily...good gawd you must be nuts.
  14. $20000? i think u can drop terminater, and new paint job, and awsome tune, and you'll still have money left for gas for $20000!
  15. Factory NEW 5.4 3 valve F150 $2495.00

    mrvax - VCT variable camshaft timing (you know Ford VTEC)