Bad Tob Or What?

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  1. So the car is a 95 GT that had a new king cobra clutch kit with oem cable upr firewall adjuster and upr (I think) quadrant and a MM clutch height adjuster. This was all done about 5 years ago by Kenny Brown and the car did a lot of sitting and only has about 1,000 miles on it since the install by the previous owner. While easing off the clutch in a parking lot one day the car made a pop noise and lunged forward and the engine died. Tranny would barely shift into gear.
    I messed with the adjuster (which has a missing set screw) and guessed at it enough that the tranny shifts perfect now but I hear a wobble/rattle noise when I press in the clutch and it goes away when I let it back out. Sometimes when shifting you can hear a vibration/grind from the bellhousing area and not the gears in the tranny. I am thinking the cable is adjusted right as it has the proper free play space up top of about an inch maybe a little more. I am not sure if this is a throw out bearing issue or what and I would like to know which parts I should plan to replace before ever dropping the tranny so I can try and do it all in one day.
    the car has 190k on it and runs great with no other real issues. Tranny shifts perfect minus all this noise. the rear main seal must be leaking because there is a lot of oil on the bell housing. The seal was replaced with the clutch but it did sit for a few years. The clutch does not slip any at all in any gear or at any speed. A clutch drop even with the 2.73 gears sends the rear sideways with no hesitation.
    Please help :)
  2. Nobody? Surely a resident expert has the answer