baddest 306 ...streetable combo you have ever seen

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  1. Over the winter...I want to do a 306 buildup for a hatch that I just bought, and wanted to know a good combo and a few good suggestions. I want it EFI...streetable. I will add aluminum heads, and 373 gears possibly.
  2. Oh will be driven on the street on occasions, and I will have longtubes on it....anyone see any issues? :bang:
  3. DSS pro bullet 306.
  4. :puke:

    After seeing some DSS motors I would let them build me a motor for my weedwacker. I am in the process of rebuilding a DSS motor for a customer of mine, tolerances and clearances were all over the place, really shotty machine work as well. IMO try to find a good local machine shop to work with and have them assembly the bottom end if you can not do it. If you need interals check out or [email protected] tell Brian I sent you ;)

    Check out "perkys stang or NoSlo90 or Cobra86" they all have very nasty 306 combos. Bill aka perky is deep 11's @ 120mph+
  5. Exactly. :nice:

    *edit...****ed up a quote. Damn. :lol:
  6. what would be your choice as far as heads, cam, intake, pistons, rods, exhaust, and TB/maf I think hes asking.
  7. Yes...that is what I was inquiring about. Ive heard good stuff about the Holley Systemax manifold, and AFRS...anyone with experience with them
  8. My friends combo in a 94 Cobra:

    DSS Pro Bullitt 306 all options windage etc.
    Curtis cam 630 lift 290 something duration blah blah
    stage 3 AFR 165
    1:6 rockers
    Trick Flow race intake (ported)
    30lb injectors
    70mm TB
    80mm mass air
    Romac balancer
    BBK longtubes
    BBK shortie H-pipe
    mac pro dumps
    4:30 gears
    Laptop with TwEECer!!!!

    its sweet!!

    wont hook up in the the first 4 gears on street tires!!!!!!
  9. I have a buddy who has a 95 GT w/ DSS Low Comp shortblock, AFR 165, SVO intake, Procharger/intercooler, etc etc.. yeah its badass.
  10. I agree with rick on this one. Although I've never taken a DSS motor apart or checked there clearances I don't like the way they put them together. I know for a fact that some of there (if not all) engine builders use brake cleaner to wash the engine. This is a huge no no (especially on a high po engine) because brake cleaner has been known to bond to small metal particals and stick to the block!!!

    As far as a mean 306....I've seen a 306 with 26# of boost produce 1720FWHP and 8.20s in the 1/4. The car was not stripped gutted or other wise sacrificed for luxury. It also was 100% streetable. FYI Bennett Racing built the engine.

  11. I can do that with my 3.73s. Put 4.30s behind most any mild 302 and they'll spin off 4 gears. Any timeslips or dyno #s for that combo.
  12. this is a local guys combo. its very impressive :flag:

    HiTech Motorsport 306, 10:1 compression, HiTech Custom Cam 224/222 .555/.528 111 LSA 113 ICL, AFR 165 heads,Edelbrock intake, 70mm TB,75mm MAF, 1 3/4 headers, 2.5" exhaust

    340 RWHP
    338 RWTQ
    :nice: :hail2:
  13. Although I have no first hand experience w/ DSS motors (or any other builder's for that matter), I do remember reading a few weeks ago a story in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords or some other magazine (It could have been an old issue I have laying around). They ordered a DSS short block for a dyno test after their short block broke (and took extra precaution to make sure there was no special attention paid to the one they got). Either way, they checked the motor out and they said the clearances, etc exceeded those of the manufacturer. Just what I read...
  14. my daily driver has a motorsport 306, nothing hairy yet. gt40p heads, 1.6rr, lunati cam, 24#, 75mm maf, cobra intake, msd ignition and all the bolt ons. im hoping for 12's (3.73's) with some drag radials.

  15. That looks like Arron's combo, and yes thats very nice for a 306
  16. My old 302 setup dynoed 369rwhp, 340rwtq. The current 306 dynoed 368.5rwhp, no torque reading was available. That # was just throwing the motor in and making 1 pull.
  17. Good combo

    I know a guy that has a 306 with 10:1, ported twisted wedge heads,an andersen PMS,4.10's, long tubes, 36llb inj,75mm tb, 80mm maf,TFS track heat intake,electric fan, manual steering, motorsport Z cam and he runs altitude corrected 11:30's. Its hard to believe, especially since the car looks like a pile and has almost stock suspension. He does it on MT 28x10.50's. I saw it run an uncorrected 12:50 on radials. I use the terms corrected/uncorrected because our local track is @3000 feet in the desert and the mathmatical correction is around/about a half second compared to the nearest sea level track. I saw the crap pile go 11.74 @120 uncorrected. His combo is unreal!!!!
  18. Awesome combos...TTT. No slo50..that is awesome. Everyone has excellent inputs...anymore.
  19. What combo were you running. Those are impressive numbers from a 302.
  20. Everything the 306 has except bassani longtubes,offroad x, quiet thunder mufflers, rpm II intake, 75mm tb. The victor pushed the peak to nearly 7000rpm. No seat of the pants loss in low end from the short runner intake and 90mm tb either. Car feels more alive with the new setup. :nice: