Badges and AC Knobs

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by The Holy Cobra, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know where to get the SVT and Ford Badge that go on the rear trunk of a 2001 SVT Cobra? Mine happened to fall off or something (???). Also, does anyone know where I can get a stock set of AC Knobs, along with a stock E-Brake Handle and Shift Knob? I have looked on eBay but I can't find ant "OEM" parts, they are all aftermarket.
  2. yeah i just picked up a new cobra grille emblem from them. gonna swap out the running horse for it to give it that cobra look
  3. Hey Holy Cobra, I guess you don't think it looks good debadged? I'm considering debadging mine (see THIS THREAD). I'd sell you my badges but I want to keep them in case I ever resell and need to put them back on.
  4. I guess you aren't proud to own a Cobra?
  5. No actually I'm extremely proud to own a Cobra. Just a matter of personal preference but I think it looks meaner without all the animal badges. It would still have COBRA embossed into the bumper of course so people would know what kind of car just blew them away :) One of the things I liked about my old '97 Mystic Teal Z28 Vert was that it came with black Z28 badging, almost impossible to see on that color at night and sometimes difficult to see even during the day - that led to some surprised Stang drivers on occassion :D Here's a pic of my old stealthy Z:

    <img src="">
  6. I just ordered some of those, you have to call for the knobs but the rest is available online.
  7. after having my car re painted they took all the badges off. I got mine off e-bay for 20 bucks shipped. (Each one)