Ball Joints

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  1. I have a 1964.5 mustang that has disk brakes in the front and rear. I have a problem with lower ball joints in the front. I have ordered two sets and both are (100) hundred thousand two small. Any ideas where I might find some information?
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  2. what spindles does have ? there is a part # on them
  3. Where at on the ball joint are they too small?

    And I'm having a hard time understanding how 0.001" could affect installation or operation when it comes to a ball joint.
  4. the mounting stud is smaller . it allows the ball joint to move to close to the spindle arm ,now the ball joint can bind
  5. if they are 6 cylinder ball joints in a v 8 spindle they are very different
  6. sorry guys i just realized i am talking tie rod ends and not ball joints .
  7. ok this should answer all questions on ball joints .64 -66 6 cylinder and v8 use the same ball joints for the top and the same ball joints for the bottom.i compared a set of 64 1/2 6 cylinder with a set of 66 v8 and they are the same so 64 1/2 v8s will be the same as well . there is a kit i believe that allows a 5 lug hub to be mounted on a 6 cylinder spindle however the spindle nuts are different ,the 6 cyl. is smaller .and the tie rods ends for the 6 are smaller than the v8 but ball joints are the same.
    @tulsadrags are the ball joints you have been trying to big or to small? you may be trying 1970 and they are larger. _MG_4017.JPG _MG_4018.JPG _MG_4020.JPG _MG_4021.JPG _MG_4022.JPG _MG_4023.JPG