Ballpark Value? 2013 Black On Black Gt With Brembo/track Package 21k Miles

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  1. My friend is selling the following car:

    2013 Mustang GT 6 speed manual
    Purchased in May of 2012.
    Black on Black with Leather interior
    Just turned to 21,000
    Brembo package
    Track package
    Hologram pony package with lights under side mirrors when doors are opened
    Customizable interior ambient lighting
    Sync System – no navigation

    ballpark on what he could sell this for? Hoping to get interest from someone who knows these cars ..

    I've seen this car in person - and I know the owner .. he's a responsible driver with a bad back, and the car is too uncomfortable for him .. he's babied it the whole time he's had it.. it's in great condition and has NOT been abused
    I'll be getting some photos of it tomorrow .. but in the meantime, here's some photos from when they bought it 2 yrs ago...

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  2. Try the NADA or Kelly Blue Book websites.

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