Fox Bama 4-bank Eliminator Chip - Worth Buying?

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  1. I'm considering buying a Bama 4-Bank Eliminator Chip from for my 91 LX Vert.
    I wanted to get your opinion/experiences with the product. My engine is not highly modified at all. Basic mods like cold air kit, electric fan, alternator upgrade, headers. Would I really see any worth while gains from this investment? I would really like to see improved idle and throttle response. Seems easy for a novice to install and the online reviews are descent. I trust your opinions more than most. Thanks
  2. not really

    You should wire up the fan to the ecu and let the ecu turn it on and off

    You shouldnt have any idle or throttle response issues

    Clean out the throttle body, remove the mesh screen under the pcv valve in the back of the manifold and do a base idle reset

    if you set timing to 14 degrees you wont notice anything from the chip
  3. Yeah, I've cleaned the throttle body, IAC, MAF. I bought a new PCV and screen but I can't see where the hell the old one is to change I'm short. The timing is set at 10 degrees right now
  4. I wouldn't say I have an idling problem. It idles really well for the most part. There is a slight drop in it from time to time. That may be normal though and I wouldn't know because this is my first Fox
  5. A slight fluctuation is normal. And if you want a little more out of it bump the timing! Run good 91+oct as well. You should feel a difference