Bama Tune... No More Supercharger.

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  1. supercharged bama tune, no more supercharger... looking for advice, before ripping out the ecu. I have an appointment ,with a reputable dyno tuner in 7 weeks, and will have a custom tune programmed. in the meantime the car is drivable, only the MAF is waiting for boost, so in turn, not enough fuel. the question is, can I unplug the tuner for now, and let the ecu do its job? or will my ecu not support my mods. trick flow heads, stage 2 cam, street burner intake, 70mm MAF, edlebrok tb, cai, pulleys, long tubes, magnaflow side pipes, msd distributor. thanks
  2. I'd just pull the chip out...stock ecu should be fine with those mods

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  3. Thanks rick. I did unplug the chip a few days ago and it has more power now, but I think its safe to say the ecu doesn't like the cam. Which I hear can be an issue. I'm still going to have it tuned in sept. Thanks again