Bama Tune, worth it?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Benboi92GT, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Is it worth the money?

    Car has pretty much every bolt on except heads, bbk fender CAI, 70mm tb and spacer, gt40 intake, 24 lb injectors with matching MAF, 3:73s in the rear end, full msd ignition, shorty headers to off-road h to dumps.

    Basically what Im asking is will I get enough results out of the 300 bucks it costs to justify it.

    Thanks :nice:
  2. Ummm, okay? lol
  3. The "car" link in your thread takes us to the board of and no specific thread.
  4. Oh, didnt mean to put that in there, asked the same question on the other boards to get as many answers as possible, lol. But everyone seems to be saying its not worth a damn.
  5. At your power levels you wont see much, but its worth something. Just maybe not the best mod for your money.
  6. I agree....
  7. whats up folks.... i just got a used vortech V1 im waiting to install... i still need a few things to make it ready to install.. but im thinking about getting the BAMA chip but im told they dont work with supercharged cars... just N/A and bottle fed stangs up to 100 shot..

    after all is installed on my car this is what ill have:
    cobra intake
    65mm tb w/spacer
    stock cam 1.72:1 RRs
    vortech V1 w/ 10lb pullies and BOV
    80mm MAF/30lb injectors
    373 gears/t5z

    can they make a tune for that? or what other tuning options should i look at. im trying to avoid spending the money at a dyno shop... thanks