"Barn Find"

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  1. Check this out Guys.I was doing a service call at a customers house and when i pulled up in the driveway,i noticed a car sitting in the woods under a brown cover.I could tell immediately that it was a mustang. I asked the customer and she said that it was in fact a mustang and that i could take a look at it. We went out and pulled the cover and to my amazement found a white '71 Mach 1.The car has been sitting covered since 1991 and the customer is the original owner.The interior is medium ginger and looks brand new.the engine is an M code 351 cleveland4v and the odometer shows just over 38000 miles.There is no sign of rust anywhere and she had been undercoated when she was new.What would a car like this be worth? I tried to post a couple of pictures i took but cant seem to figure out how.Any advice?
  2. Thats a cool find. If you can't upload pictures to the forum, then use photobucket. If you sue the forum you go to usercp and upload them to an album. To post in the thread you use the forum code for the picture and copy/paste it into the thread.
  3. Unless you're in Arizona (or similar climate), I don't believe a car can sit outside, in the woods, covered, for 18 years and not suffer from some rust issues.
  4. I do live in arizona and will try to post pics later.
  5. If I recall, you need thirty posts to submit photos and you don't get credit for posts in the talk section. Otherwise you will have to put them in as attachments.

    Send me a PM if you have trouble attaching them. After that, If emailed to me I'll take the time to post them for you.

  6. :lol: :rlaugh:

    i think you and i both know not very :p

    thats about the cost my 68 coupe ran me....if i could get my hands on a 69 mach in the same shape.....for the same price.....do you think i would have a 68 coupe?? XXD
  7. pm'd you krash
  8. Read and responded.
  9. I've posted some pictures at photobucket.
  10. Okay, first off, I knew somebody here would be able to help you out with the photos. We're all here to help.

    Secondly, this looks like such an unbelievable find that I'm tempted to check out snopes.com to see if this is a hoax! Finding a third gen (or fourth depending on who you talk to) car in that state of original condition is unheard of up here.
  11. Dang! The pictures sure look sweet. If it's really as clean and rust free as it appears, anything less than $10,000 would be an insult, as it's certainly worth much more than that.

  12. ie...if they take less than 10...run....run hard...run fast!
  13. Holy Crap! :eek:

    I'm jealous.... you don't find 38-yr-old cars that pristine down here in the desert at the very bottom of the state; and it turns out they're up North, hiding in the woods!

    The pics are beautiful. My '73 XR7 was first sold in Colorado (so it's moderately rusty). Then it moved to Yuma (cracked dash and upholstery). The inside of that Mach looks great, and so does the exterior. Looks like it's in a clearing in the middle of a fairly thick stand of pines...... I'd be surprised that it's been sitting there all that long without the cover damaging the paint with snow load; and the wheels would have sunk deeper into the ground as well.

    Great find!
  14. That does look damn nice. I can't believe they stored it like that. I would have at least parked it on concrete. At least they had a real cover on it so it could breathe and not just a cheapo blue walmart tarp.
  15. Hey guys,i finally got time to sit down at the computer and fill you in on the full story.First i'd like to say thanks to krash for offering to help with pictures.I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to get my windows vista to resize them,only to find out that vista wont do that.Photobucket was easy in comparison.Thanks also to jlangholzj for setting up the link to photobucket as i dont know how to do that either.When im done typing this,i'll upload the rest of the pics that i have.
    I first saw this car on the 30th of July,when i was doing a service call.I talked with the owner and told her that i would come back the following day ,when i had more time.On the 31st i took some pictures and got the door tag info.I also told her that i would line up a trailer for the early part of the following week.On Monday the 3rd i was out of town and didnt get a chance to talk to her but the following day she left me a message saying that they would be home. I went over and pumped up the tires,(3 actually held air),paid her and got a bill of sale.On wednesday the 5th i went over with a buddy of mine,swapped out the front left tire with one of the studded snows that the owner gave me,rolled the car back into the driveway,checked the brakes ,then coasted down the driveway to the cul de sac,where i had a rollback truck pick it up and take it to my place.
    The only thing i've done so far is remove the gas tank, because what was in there(about a gallon and a half) was so nasty that i knew that i needed to get rid of it.After getting the tank out,i found that it is oxydized and rusted,and i'll probably just replace it if i can find a website that sells classic parts. I also gave her a much needed bath,removed a couple of pine sap drips and used some rubbing compound on the hood and roof.The paint is as nice as it looks in the photos and the interior looks like it was never used.
  16. soo...if you don't mind...whatd ju get it for?

    i paid 7500 for my coupe...which was in similar shape. No rust whatsoever, still has original dash pad and vinyl seats.
  17. Great dude, you own it free and clear.....


    ..how much?