"Barn Find"

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  1. I left that part out because you would'nt believe me.As a matter of fact,i still find it hard to believe myself.
  2. Congrats on a great find! How's the cowl look inside? (just open the hood and pop the plastic grates out at the base of the windshield). There are lots of Mustang parts suppliers out there. Mustangsunlimited.com has several options in gas tanks. The most expensive is their $180 premium kit:


    What are your plans for this car? If you're in this for profit, I'd suggest doing nothing to it and selling it as is. It appears to be worthy of a 100% original numbers matching restoration, but that's a serious money and time investment. Anything in between will likely devalue it.

    Edit: I guess you can't link images to sites anymore, here's the link: Mustangs Unlimited - The Premier Source for Mustang, Shelby and Cougar Parts and Accessories
  3. Thanks for the info Platonic.That looks like exactly what i need.When i took the tank apart the pickup and sending unit were pretty ugly too.
    I went out and checked the cowl and found some rust.Mostly on the drivers side,but not too bad.(also plenty of pine needles and spiderwebs).Im not planning on selling anytime soon and will keep her in pretty much the same original shape shes in now,after a thorough cleaning.I still have a bunch of things to do before trying to fire her engine!
  4. Since your engine bay looks to be as originally manufactured, it would be very helpful, to those of us whose cars where not as pristinely preserved, if you would add a few more pictures of the engine bay. I’m primarily interested in A/C component placement and heater hose routing.

    One other thing you may have is a fuel vapor purge connection on your air cleaner located here:


    I’ve been trying to get a picture of the proper device that retains the fuel vapor purge hose. Do you have that?

    Also, does your car have the fold-down rear seat with the trap door to the trunk?
  5. Check your car to confirm that it has the ID tag riveted to the front right (passenger side) of the radiator support.
  6. Took a bunch of engine pics for ya platonic.just finished posting them. also checked for the tag on the radiator support and took a pic of it.My car dosent have a fold down rear seat.And,do you know what carb i have,and maybe the size?
  7. OK, now I'm drooling on my keyboard. Thanks a ton for the pictures. You've saved me a lot of time. Your carb is the Motorcraft 4300-A 4V (605 CFM). You even have all the original hose clamps. Don't lose that fuel vapor purge hose as I've been trying to find one for 2 weeks now.

    Is there an adapter connected to other end of the "S" shaped heater hose? (the one attached at the firewall).

    Also, a picture of how the power steering cooler hoses are connected would be appreciated.

    Looks like all you really need to do is clean the engine! Just amazing.
  8. No worries man, glad to help out if i can.I'll check those other things after work.Also,i checked out the gas tank info,and found that while 180 dollars is ok,they want 240 dollars for shipping:eek:lol.I'll keep looking.
  9. I'm not sure what's more amazing, the condition of the car or that they sold it to you. Seems like most people would rather see their car rot under a tree forever than sell it :mad:
  10. That's some nasty shipping charge. Try NPD (National Parts Depot), they have a store in Cali.

    NPD California
    1376 Walter St. #1
    Ventura, CA 93003
    ~ Sales ~
    ~ Toll-Free ~
    ~ Fax ~
  11. I put a couple more pics up Platonic.If you need something thats not there,just let me know.
  12. Thanks again :flag:. I can't tell you how helpful this is. I see the adapter on the heater hose is the heater control valve. Somehow, even after 2+2GT (thread link) told me how to route the hoses, I still got it ars backwards. Now I can take it apart (again) and do it right. Hang on to that "S" shaped heater hose should you want to replace it in the future. You'll need it as a template to find a similar one since the correct one is not available.

    I thought I saw a power steering cooler draped over your A/C compressor - apparently I was mistaken. My power steering pressure hose is short (replaced by previous owner). I haven't gotten around to putting the correct long looped pressure line in, as it seems the only way to get enough wrenching room to remove the steering box connection is to pull the master cylinder out of the way. (what a PIA)

    What steps are you planning on taking before you attempt to start it? I removed the gas tank from one of my coupes long ago. Now, when I want to move it around the driveway, I just stick a fresh can of gas in the trunk with a long fuel hose going from the can to the fuel line.
  13. Im glad you can see those pics clearly.that is the vacuum control valve in the heater hose line. Im surprised ford even had one of those in 71.What do you think the purpose of the looped line is?I've never seen one of those before.As far as starting the old girl up,I talked with a friend who has a shop and a couple of engines in various states of build.He said to do something with the gas tank,which im trying to do now,pull the spark plugs,squirt some miracle oil in the cylinders,change the oil&filter,and turn her over by hand a couple of times.He also suggested pulling the distributer and running the oil pump with a drill for about 10 minutes,then put the dizzy back in and starting her up,run her for 10 minutes then change the oil again,then take her for a ride .....Wahoo!!
  14. 2+2GT answered the loop question in this thread - "The long hose was to prevent pump harmonics in the steering gear".

    I'm sure you'll be changing the fuel filter prior too. When you get it running, try looking at the engine in the dark and look for sparks jumping from the plug cables. You may want to pop the dist. and take a look at the points. Is it single or dual?
  15. Its a single.I already planned to change out the plugs,points,cap,rotor and wires.Also,theres 2 chewed wires that need repair.The first time i popped the hood open,there was a squirrel sitting on the engine.Ill bet he was pissed!
  16. I'd replace all the rubber components in the fuel system. Be careful of the gas you put in it. Try to find some with NO ethanol,,it really screws up old rubber.
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