Base Interior Or Buy Up To Premium?

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  1. Hello, I am hoping someone here can help me. I am pricing out new 5.0s in looking for a replacement for my aging 2000 GT. I started looking at the base 300A models but the premium interior is very nice.

    I am pretty old-school tech-wise, so other than the colored ambient lighting (which fascinates my kids), all the gadgets aren't a big draw for me. The only things from the premium package I really want are the better stereo and the leather seats-my current GT has both. Given my wants, it's hard for me to swallow spending an additional $4,100 MSRP. For that kind of money I could have Ford slap some 3.55s or 3.73s in the rear, upgrade to a proper (louder) exhaust system, and have plenty of cash left over for other stuff.

    I spend at least an hour a day in my car, commuting and going to client meetings. It's my 4-wheeled "man-cave."

    I see that some have upgraded the base stereo with good results, so I can easily go with the base stereo and go that route. Aftermarket leather upholstery might be trickier with the built-in side-impact air bags, but I saw a cloth interior and it seemed nice enough.

    Anyone out there who made the choice one way or the other and can tell me your thoughts? Is there anything I am overlooking?

    Thanks much.
  2. I went 400A (300A is the V6, I believe) with the 55D (Brembo) package. I didn't get any stereo upgrades because I'm going to have a tablet put in to replace the head unit. Also, the user interface for the touchscreen head unit is rather poor, so I wouldn't have gotten it anyway. I'm also not the biggest fan of leather seats, so I passed. I can say though that the cloth seats offer good support. I think what it will really come down to is whether leather seats are worth $4k to you.

  3. Thanks for the feedback; that's what I figured . . . ! $4k seems a bit salty for what I really want to get out of the deal.

    My 2000 has the Mach 460 stereo which is plenty for me; I am hoping that maybe the stock base stereo plus a couple extra speakers might get close enough. Maybe the quality of the base stereo has improved, too, over the past fourteen years.
  4. Personally, I chose the base interior as I am also not too big on modern gadgets and such. With some of the major options, leather, ambient lighting etc., you need to order a more luxerious package than the base model. As you said, paying for some items you do not want or will not use.

    On the aftermarket leather front, I know Katskin works closely with FoMoCo to produce quality fitting, appearance seating choices for the new vehicles. The dealership I work at has installed Katskin seats in many new F-150's, and used 11+ Mustang conv't. with successful sales of those vehicles. To my knowledge, no customer complaints so far...
  5. That's great news . . . my dealer mentioned that they have someone they work with; I wonder if it's Katskin. I am going to do a little research into the cost.
  6. Base for me, but with Recaros
  7. I sprung for the premium trim + 401A. I pretty much wanted everything the premium trim came with except the leather (satellite radio, sync/USB Port, ambient lighting, myColor, the interior aluminum finish and ball shift knob, leather wrapped steering wheel, and maybe a few other things). It would have been nice to get all that without the leather (I personally prefer cloth, though the leather isn't bad).

    It was a bit easier to spring for it in 2011, when the price difference was only $3k. For $4k, it's a bit harder to swallow, and I think I'd get the base trim today if I had to do it again. Granted, the premium trim car with 401A is a pretty nice place to be, but this isn't my daily driver, so I'm probably more inclined to not need the extra niceties.

    I wish there were a way to get some on the audio feathers+leather wrapped steering wheel without the rest of the premium package, similar to what is offered on the Focus and other Ford cars.
  8. Go premium. Get xplan and help reduce cost.
  9. Well, here's how it all went down. I ended up finding a 2013 GT Premium 401A in black with the white-ish stripe on the seats and the security package on another dealer's lot a couple hours away. My salesman at my favorite local dealer worked with the other place and got it for me. Because the initial MSRP was lower, rebates were higher, and they discounted it more than a 2014 (even after working with the other dealer, which saved me a huge hassle), I got it for a few hundred less than ordering a 2014 400A Premium without the 401A and security package extras. It was roughly the same as X plan before I applied my $3,250 in rebates. And I couldn't be happier; this car is awesome. I am also quite happy with the 3.31 rear gear so far. I debated and debated that, and it is pretty darn fast with the 3.31s.

    One thing in comparison to my old 2000 GT is when I traded that one in, I stripped out all the MGW, UPR, etc. aluminum bits I'd added over the years, and I was struck with how bland the interior was without them (even with it being the two-tone gray available that year). And for the time, that was a nice interior! With this new 2013, I don't have to do anything at all to the inside. It totally rocks.
  10. Congrats on the new 5.0. You'll love it as much years from now as you do now. The 401A interior is sweet, and you can't go wrong with the 3.31s. The lower transmission ratios are pretty aggressive, and provide all the gear you need to have fun, and when it comes time to cruise at 70 in 6th on the interstate, you'll do 28-30 mpg once it breaks in.
  11. That's a good thing, because for some reason I can't seem to keep this car below 70 on the Interstate. It seems to really like 75!