Base Recipe for a high performance 4.0L

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  1. I put this thread up on another site and it was well received, so I thought I would put it up here as well.

    The topic comes up on what it takes to get a 4.0L into the performance of some V8 cars at the track. Mid 13’s with the potential to later go to 12’s is my baseline here.

    After learning from my mistakes and others mistakes, I think I have come up with a cost effective list of modifications to get there. Please respond with any corrections/inclusions.


    • Power adder
    o Nitrous Race Setup w/Intake, Tune & Install: $2000.00
    o Turbo Setup w/Intercooler, Tune & Install: $6000.00
    o SC Setup w/Intercooler, Tune & Install: $5000.00


    • LCA’s: $130
    • UCA’s: $100
    • Take off GT tire/wheel package (shipped): $450


    • LSD & gears w/Install: $700


    • Single Bolt on Muffler: $300


    • 13 second Nitrous Rig on streets: $3680.00
    • 13 second Turbo Rig on streets: $7680.00
    • 13 second SC Rig on streets: $6680.00

    Now, keep in mind that this is on street tires and assumes you have the base model V6. Those of you with the pony package can save $450 on these packages. Also keep in mind you will need a Snell 2005 [email protected]$250 for track events.

    Not all of these packages are created equal, with equal potential to 12’s and for some of you nuts, 11’s. But the purpose of this thread is to provide you a cheat sheet of what it will take to reach V8 track performance, and I have seen a lot of perceived “fast” V8’s at the track run low 13’s to mid 14’s.

    Some people may look at this list and want to trade in for a GT. LOL. But I wanted to show that now that people are getting these 4.0’s for a good price used or new, 13-20K, that an investment of 3-7K turns theses cars into real monsters!!! Also keep in mind that these poweradder kits come with tunes, and for those of you that want to do the install yourself and use the canned tunes, subtract $1K from them.

    So please provide any input and thoughts. I am working on an optional section of this cheat sheet that includes DS w/loop, shifters, more suspension goodies, tuning costs for upping the boost, places to get engines (LOL), DR’s, etc. But that will take a bit.
  2. Like many of us with a 6, Rygen, the modification process has more to do with the thrill and accomplishment behind creating the monster from the stock 6 than the ¼ times it produces.

    Insurance for many is too much for an 8. An analytical review of your listed modifications to achieve a bracket time comparable to an 8 is worthy of respect and a head nod approval at the line.

    For some it is an immediate roll from purchase to bracket and the ability to reach 13s. For many, like you, John and Tom, the methodical planning and execution is 9/10th the fun!

    For me personally, the quiet sleeper approach to spanking is an adrenaline rush equal to a ride in a Roush 360R. hahahahhaha.....
  3. Indeed and very well said. Armycook1981 has a procharged 4.0 and he has kept the looks 100% stock. Even the original V6 wheels and tires.

    Yet what lurks underneith is another matter. He runs [email protected] Now that thing is a true sleeper and suprises many at the track.
  4. What about a fourth route being rebuilding the engine I dont know what the gains would be as I havent seen anything on the stuff but supersixmotorsports has some engine goodies like cams, heads, engine blocks, pistons that sort of thing. I'd like to see some info on those things!
  5. Ants2005stang is the only one I know that has it. I'll add it along with all the costs involved once he or someone else provides a full report. Everything above is verified by owners, and until the SSM block is verified, I want to hold off.

    If you would like to get a hold of Ants, this is the forum that he posts at. Here is a link to his profile.
  6. Hey Rygen,

    Better yet, can you ask him to pop over here and let us pick his brain? I'd love to have some indepth intellectual discussions on the NA modification potential of the 4.0L. But instead of sending him a bunch of emails we could have a nice little discussion right here. :D

    I would love to see some additional sixers come onboard who have some NA modification information and technical input. :D Don't make me beg in front of the fellas? PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE........ :stick: :p

    EDIT ADD - Rygen - he is packin a Procharger :) So are we saying here that he has modified the internals to compensate for the increased HP/compression for fear of blowing his lower block to the concrete? Regardless, I would love to speak to this young man. Please send him my way if you would be so kind. A open discussion with a 21 yo mechanic who has achieved his HP/TQ figures with a 4.0L six is a must in my book. Better than a trip to Mexico on a Carnival Cruise. lol
  7. Great info Rygen. Set up nice and easy to undersand.:jaw:

  8. I sent him a PM with a link here asking him to join. He's been through I think 2 or 3 motors now, quite the dedicated 4.0 owner.
  9. how did he go through 2 or 3 motors?
  10. Not 100% sure, I invited him here so hopefully he can tell the story. I don't know if he is 100% sure, but I know the first engine went cause he was running lean for several months before he got his PC tuned right.

    Not sure on the 2nd motor. And now he has the SSM block, but he can't up the boost on the stock PC blower, he needs to upgrade to a DS1C to go past 14psi I think.
  11. Thanks Rygen. :nice:

    I hope he comes by.

    Interesting that you brought up the issue with the lean AF. We have been having a discussion in V-8 Tech concerning the heated 02 sensors bank DC throws with improper tunes and LTs.

  12. Yep, interesting read. Lucky for me, PH installed an O2 sensor before the cats for a more accurate reading and more percise tune. But I book marked that one, good one to have on hand.

  13. I think your price there is a bit low concidering that Saleen is sold out and not taking any new orders for takeoffs. The current average looks to be +/- 700.00 shipped (599.00 + 80.00-120.00 shipping)
  14. Yea, this was back awhile, since then they jacked up the prices, I will have to edit that. They were at one point running them for 300 prior to shipping via phone in orders.
  15. In my day it was all about performance mods. No such thing as body kits and big heavy mega buck sound systems.

    My 05 is a deluxe with the base stereo and spoiler delete.

    I would like to have the heads worked and add a x-charger. I think that would be pretty close to 300rwhp.
  16. I know two 4.0L owners doing heads/cams on this car from SSM. I'm eagerly awaiting their results.
  17. Ryan is your 6 a stick or auto?
  18. Mine is an auto.
  19. An update on this one. I know two guys with heads now from SSM, one NA and one with a Procharger. Over the next 30 days, they will have dyno results.

    My car is in the process of getting a built block with Wiseco pistons. So in 2 weeks I should have numbers on that as well.

  20. Considering the cost of building a 6 vs the GT:

    When i bought my 05 it was $20K, the only option being the auto. GTs in the fall of 05 had 4-5-6K markups on the sticker. I couldnt find a GT anywhere for under $31,000. So I figure that Ive got $11,000 to work with before I get anywhere near GT territory.