Base Recipe for a high performance 4.0L

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  1. Just a note: if you don't want to spend the bucks for tires/wheels, you can just do the tires. I ordered a set of 235/55 Kumhos from my local tire store before I even picked up my car. On the day I took delivery, I drove it to the tire store and traded in the stockers for a $50 credit each. So the new tires only cost me $20 apiece (plus installation). My wheels are stock but the tires are the same width as on a GT.

    As for gears/T-loc: is it possible to pick up the entire rear axle assembly from a wrecked GT? Must be a few of them in junkyards by now.
  2. :eek: Rygen - Please share the specs on the build. :hail2: If you have to kill me after you tell me, I understand. :D
  3. It's a custom built block by PH. Here are some of the details....

    * Built block (probably close to a 4.1L actually)
    * Wiseco Forged Pistons, 8-8-1
    * 15 to 16lbs of boost
    * 8.8 rear end
    * 3.73 gears
    * 60lb injectors
    * Boost a pump
    * 93 octane tune
    * CAM2 114 octane tune
    * Studded & misc. upgrades

    Then, in January, precision should be done with my overdue I will take the car up and have this done...

    * Precision 3600 RPM Stall
    * PH LPW/axle brace combo
    * Possibly PH Line Locks

    Heads and cam's are stock for drive ability. I didn't want a too aggressive cam and have problems driving it to work.

    I plan to hit a track over the next couple of weeks to get some baseline ET's. I pick the car up on the 1st, I also switched out my M&H drag radials to MT ET Streets, a much more sticky tire.
  4. Math

    LOL.... Okay.. work with me Sport.

    Looking at the Displacement alone leaves me with too many variables to calculate the end bore and stroke. hahahha
    Displacement = pi/4 X bore(cubed) x stroke x no. of cylinders.

    I am assuming that the 8.8:1 Weisco pistons are not a direct replacement and milling of the heads will be done by PH. If you are looking at an 8.8:1 seat at TDC flat deck then the B&S will end out within the same dimensions of the V-8 block. For an 8.8 volume seat @ TDC the B&S will end around 3.55/3.54 respectively. :shrug:

    Do we know the end compression ratio or chamber volume he is shooting at?
  5. I will be frank with you, You lost me on a lot of that. I'm still a newb when it comes to this, and have a lot to learn. I can however ask PH about it next time I talk to them. Don't quote me on this, but I think the bore is at .020.

    I'll probably talk to them monday and/or tuesday and have more details then.
  6. It's all good Rygen. I am a noob as well. So here is where I am trying to calculate any change in bore or stroke: Based on what you have said and not increasing the stroke. The math works out to: (I was never good at math though).

    4.1 x 61.023 = 250 ci end displacement

    Bore: = square root of displacement / (pi/4 x stroke x no. of cylinders)

    3.14159/4 = .785 X 3.32 x 6 = 15.645

    250/15.673 = 3.955 No change in bore either. :shrug:

    Your task if you choose to accept it is to get the math to work out for me. :rlaugh: :nice: Either way. The Weisco Pistons look like a great addition to the engine build.
  7. Motor Details

    I know I promised some hard core details. The motor is closer to a 4.1, but don't know the exact math on it, it has arp head studs on it, and a couple of other modifications to make it stronger and more efficient.

    I can't delve into detail unfortunately, but PH is more than happy to work with any of you directly. Feel free to give them a call and see what that can work up for you.

    Current Status

    On pump gas, @ 13-14lbs of boost...the car made...


    This is on a Mustang Dyno, which usually reads 10% lower than a Dyno Jet. We haven't increased the boost yet, but it is on the table of things that we might try. We really want to make the most efficient power possible.

    PH is testing some different things now, the race tune is currently under development and I should have some numbers tomorrow. I spoke to them last, and we are looking at some more options on the build up. Heads, ported and polished.....possibly some cams, some intake work and some more exhaust work. We are running numbers now and I'm awaiting a quote. I just may let them keep the car till February and turn her into an insane ride...

    ...yet be 100% street able so I can drive her to work.

    There are more details on it here, you don't have to log in to read it..
  8. I've been meaning to ask? We need a re-introduction to your ride!!! LOL. How about some pics, modifications, planned modifications. I personally would enjoy it. :nice:
  9. Well Rygen,

    The sig pic is what He looks like now. He has no mods and is bone stock other than the K&N and the new Mac SS Axle Back (which we both know yields only about 5 HP, but gains me about what you are packin' with the attitude the sound and droan make).

    I have been shifting the AOD manually for a few weeks. The AOD in this lil' stang is stout, no doubt. If I ever had a doubt, I have none now. I would still kill for a tranny dipstick though. (Silly French design there. hahahahaa)

    So, with the new Mac droaning I have been floating around town hardly moving out of 3rd and floating between 2,800 - 3,000 to achieve and maintain the droan as well as the "G Spot" on Him. Good throttle response with the DBW at that range.

    Here is the bad news my Friend. :( I am going to get rid of the stang. This has EVERYTHING to do with my finances and nothing to do with my happiness or satisfaction with the platform or the engine.

    There are things in life we have to do to get over humps and bumps. We sacrifice for the greater good and understand that with sacrifice and hard work comes reward. This will be the 3rd Mustang I have gotten rid of in as many years. I am sad as hell, but my future financial picture and my current comfort level are not worth the retaining the car. I like paying cash for my cars and on this one I decided to retain the cash to set aside for caring for my disabled very ill mom. After a few life challenges and a couple "pistons blown threw the cylinder wall" of life, I call UNCLE. hahahahaha

    I dislike car payments and would rather buy a used Cobra or a GT to modify and have fun with for now. There will be another S197 in my garage in a few years, don't you worry.

    So, in a few weeks to a month expect a name change from Jenns05Stang to Jenns98Cobra or JennsGT. LOL Either way, expect me to maintain my interaction and moderation here and in S197. I love all you guys and you couldn't get me to leave again unless I got banned. hahahahahaha

    Awesome figures on the engine Rygen. You do not cease to amaze me and as always, you have my utmost respect and admiration for what you have done to this platform's 4.0L engine.

    Keep it Real Bud! You are doing a heck of a job and have a great "CFO" who knows the addiction you have ventured into with the Unrelenting quest for the "Performance Daily Driver".

    Happy Holidays!

  10. wow all good stuff my head is spining.
  11. Thanks, Happy Holidays to you too. Unfortunate about your car, but family first is what I say. If I had to, I would sell the stang to be able to better provide and get a used one as well if forced to. I'd really like to get my hands on an SVO. LOL.

    Have fun with the next stang you get!!!

    Cheers. :nice:
  12. wow jen sorry to hear this about the car. good luck with everything.