Bassani or Magnaflow

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  1. OK i hope this is my last exhaust thread......:flag:
    well im gonna order my exhaust sometime this weekend when i get 30mins to online shop for the best deal....
    my choice was magnaflow,
    but holy crap so many people say bassani!!!!!
    i can get the magnaflow lx catback for 320.00 shipped......:nice:
    and a bassani bx lx catback for about 430.00shipped.....

    the kit will be dumped until my cobra bumper is bought and installed!!!!!! its with a stock h-pipe for know! im gonna get a off road eventually so nevemind only concern is if the bassani will sound like cheapo flow 40's.(no offense to those who have them,i just am tired of that sound around mustang land)...the difference is only a 100.00 which is a small price to get the sound you really want. im not sure if magnaflow is louder than bassani or what either one will sound like dumped etc. etc.
    some opinions are needed, and as much detail of tone as possible!cause im ordering it as soon as i decide between these 2 choices....
  2. I do not like the sound of bassani's on any car that I have heard. Not a one of them had a stock cam tho. Cam makes all the differance.
  3. My buddy just installed a magnaflow kit on his car. It sounds awesome. The quality is supurb. I bought a off road y-pipe from bassani for my f-150. It is also a high quality piece. I would probably go with the magnaflow since they both seem to be same quality and the magnaflow is cheaper.
  4. I ended up going with the magnaflow catback myself, and have no regrets. But wish I would have got them for $320 good find :nice:

    It was a major step up from the dronemasters I had on before. At first them seemed quiet but really have a nice aggressive tone to them now. :D
  5. hey mac where you ordering from im ordering the same kit lx/cobra i cant find it lower than 439.95!
  6. 2 1/2" FLOWMASTERS!!!! (saying it in hypnotic talk with hands out front of me with fingers moving!) LOL
  7. magnaflow all the way
  8. ok well i just ordered the magna catback!!! so we'll see...
  9. Where did you find it for that price?
  10. You saved a $100 so now put another $60 with it to get an x-pipe! Put it all on at one time and be done with it!
  11. i agree with leroy93lx, this summer i am gonna order a x pipe and ditch the h, i think the x goes a lot better with magnaflow
  12. yah i was thinking x, cause magnaflow is so naturally deep and mellow, the x-pipe ability to rasp would help it sound a little more agressiv ebut kepp the deep and mellow.........but who knows..
    ps. that video had no sound?????
  13. theres a little clip in my sig
  14. the guy from magnaflow said h-pipe all the way........and he told me h-pipie render more HP..but i htought x-pipes were for a lil more up top power.....and he told be that x-pipes are impossible to installyou have to use a 2x4 to bend the x-pipe to'

    steeda your setup sounds good,especially since the mic cant pic up the low deep tone!! but i might go x, to add a little rasp...
    i think magna and x is the only combo suitable for an X on a 5.0....
    if i would have ordered an bassani kit,then i would have to go h-pipe otherwise it would sound like a civic or something........
    anybody got a clip of an x with magnanflow!!!
  15. What catback is going to have the least amount of drone. My last setup was LTs, no cats and Aerochambers. I loved it, it was so nice cruising and when you got on it, it sounded like a bat out of hell.

    Im sad Hooker doesnt make a catback for Fox Bodies.
  16. Hooker does (or did) make a cat back for foxes. I had one on my car and it came with the aerochambers.