Bassani or Magnaflow

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  1. Really? Any chance I can still pick one of these up?
  2. NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that bassani clip was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    will my magnaflow sound like that/similar???? cause if not i need to call and cancel tommorow!!!!!and order that damn bassani!!!!!!!!
    that things sounds perfect! for a 5.0........maybe the magna and x-pipe will be god too though???
  3. is there an x-pipe that is recommended to fit perfect with cats etc......and do i need mil eliminators for this 88??? if i go aftermarket x, since i havnt seen any aftermarket pipe with 02 bungs??
  4. Easy

    Easy, Magnaflow no contest.

    And get a Magnaflow H-pipe to go with it.

    I paid $268 shipped for my Magnaflow cattted H pipe
    and $362 shipped for my Magnaflow catback.

    Performance Peddler FTW!

    You won't be sorry, I've put Magnaflow on my last 2 Mustangs, it's a nice clean sound.
  5. I already ordered the mag catback....its official, it ships out on tuesday. but what i learned from the clips is that the magnaflow seems to quiet. in all the mag clips i hear engine over the exhaust. i want my exhaust to override the noisy belts and power steering whine!!!lol....
    but with a;; the bassani clips it pire exhaust. probably cause the bassani is louder!! the damage is done i ordered the magna for 320 shipped so i cant beat that...i just need to decide between the h or x now!!!! and im leaning towards X
  6. mavmavv- yes you can still get the hooker catback. I bought mine from Jegs. The hooker catback does NOT come with mufflers, but it does come with an Hpipe. Its not a big deal because you can just order the aerochambers seperate. The mufflers were $60 a piece, and the Hpipe and catback is only $305.

    Sorry, not meaning to steal the thread.
  7. I don't know if this is true or not, honestly. I *can* tell you the Bassani is not loud on my car, until you go WOT. It's definitely not as quiet as stock, but nowhere near some of the exhaust setups I've heard on foxes over the years.

    FWIW, I'm really pleased with the Bassani stuff I've purchased. My experience with Magnaflow is nill, but I've heard a lot of it on 03/04 Cobras. Many of those are "too loud" for my taste. :shrug:

    I think you made a fine choice, and probably won't be disappointed.
  8. Saw that, doesnt that include an H pipe too? I think if I do go aerochambers ill just have an exhaust shop build it. Get some flowmaster tails + aerochambers.
  9. loudness

    Magnaflow mufflers get noticably louder after 150-200 miles. They were very quiet when I installed them on my Mustangs, but got louder over the next few weeks.

    Give them time, until they are broken-in they will be pretty quiet.

    They have a very "quality" sound that most mufflers don't have though. They don't drone, they are not obnoxious, just a nice deep and clean sounding. They are much louder outside the car than inside the car too which is great for highway driving, no drone.

    Have someone else drive your car down the block away from you after you install them, you will see what I mean.
  10. along with what svtpower said, my exhaust is very quiet inside the car, i heard it for the first time the other day when i let my brother drive it around the block and its loud as ****. i love my magnaflows and will buy nothing else for my future mustangs.
  11. Thanks, maybe Magnaflow is the way to go for me. Easiest install since it all comes in a kit.
  12. ill try and get another vid up in the next couple days
  13. I just ordered a Bassani cat-back.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  14. yah, there both good quality and ood sounding, but i hope im satisfies with the tone the magna makes!!!
  15. You can always change that tone by changing what's going IN to those mufflers.

    Like it's been discussed... the biggest factor on sound is what your engine mods are. That and if you run cats or not...
  16. well my credit card keeps getting declined:notnice: for some unknown reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the company i was ordering from was billing out in CANADA!! so im kinda fishy with the whole thing now, they tried it like 4 times and it kept getting declined.........:bs:
    so i will be shopping around again. but hings happen for reason cause i had to pay for a water pump job on my dd VW. and i would have been dishing out too much money in one month for my mustang i guess the exhaust will have to wait, plus i'm thinking of bassani's now!!!!!!!!!!!
    there a little more expensive but i think its worth it........:shrug:
    let the persuasion begin! im back on the hunt
  17. anybody got some opinions on the pypes catback with an x-pipe???
  18. hey mac, when i got the site name i checked other opinions on various forums. all seemed to be good i ordered mine and it came within the week and looks great ill post pics.

    and on they were listed as online dealers, so i ordered right away
  19. Picture003-1.jpg
    the mags are going with a flowtech x
    oughta be a nice change from 40 flows with an o/r h

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