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  1. If you can install gears, you can do a cat back and mid pipe real easy. :shrug: I wouldn't want to touch gears but the mid pipe and cat back were pie.

  2. sorry to disapoint you buddy but i actually live in a 2 million dollar house out in malibu and have two mustangs , a 98 vert and 99 coupe a 1932 model a , and buy the way i actually sell cars (sorry no bic macs here)i cleared 100k this year. . it doesnt suck to be me . im a ****ing baller. if you got soo much $$$ why are you waiting to get blown. ****ing player hater. god damn you must be one of those insecure losers who always think about ending your life because it sucks! (do it)
    yeah i think i know chris, i think he gave me head yesterday.(he begged me)

    ps. make sure to lube you muffler bearings
  3. such hostilities in this thread. Love the train wreck pic :)

    getting back to the topic let me know how you like bassani exhaust and x-pipe. Thanks
  4. by the way, im only 20 years old and have all of this and no i dont live with my parents, they are dead
  5. ahhhh. 4.6L talk rules.

    Yeah, the guys installs gears, but doesn't know what a cat-back consists of????? Very strange, but nothing new, nevertheless.

    My little brother didn't know what was involved when getting a cat-back, but then again he didn't install gears. Not yet anyway. Got the cat-back in just fine.

    The instructions from magnaflow said to cut the tailpipes after the muffler, so we used a hacksaw.

    How did you get the axel down far enough to clear? Hang some sort of weight, or just pull on it? :scratch:

    98yellowgt, did you inherit your money, or was it all earned by you? Just curious!
  6. i inherrited the house but everything else i earned
  7. I couldn't do it that way. :shrug: Friend used his work's garage, put her on a lift and used a torch to get the stock one off. But people say it's possible. :scratch:
  8. I personally don't wanna mess with coil springs but if you let them out then support the rear end you can lower it down enough to pull the exhaust whole I'm guessing.
  9. Man this guy cronins a dumbass. ahahahha.
  10. if i were a baller, i'd have a S7! Word boi!
  11. I just couldn't go to sleep because I didn't tell him everything. Besure to change out your blinker fluid, and ask Chris about his feelings on O pipes, they are cheap and dont require catbacks. Creating more horsepower and it sound real mean! Have a good day.

  12. this thread made me laugh.

    on a side note, i hate being poor and only having 1 car :(
  13. you bought some nice stuff
  14. I installed my cat back and mid pipe with obsolutly no experience with working on cars. To get the cat back out I put my car up on ramps and like you guys said you couldnt get the U-pipe in or out because there wasnt enough room. Well what you gotta do is jack up the car after its on the ramps. This will give you just enough clearence to get the whole thing out. My jack didnt go high enough so I had to use a little wood too.
  15. That sounds a bit dangerous to me, jacking up a car that's already on ramps. Here's a little safer way. Put the car on a level concrete surface (not in the street), jack the rear up high enough to get the wheels off, then high enough to get jackstands underneath to hold it up. That should give you enough room to pull it out, if not you can release the axle from the subframe (if you know what you're doing) and get it out that way. It'd just be easier to cut it out IMO unless you have a buyer for the old exhaust.
  16. huh?

    Whatever Dude, I used to live 6 miles north of Neptunes Net on PCH, up in the canyon. I don't need you telling me about your "great Life". By the way, heres mine. I retired 7 years ago at the ripe old age of 43. I have a house in Venice Beach that I rent out some summers, some summers I go there to live. 2 houses in NJ, one I live in, the other one my daughter lives in. And I am waiting to put the blower in until spring because I don't drive my Mustang in the winter. It sits in one of my many garages. HAHAHAHA! :banana:
  17. can I join the pissing contest? :p

  18. 50 how pathetic! i didnt know there were losers so old(****ing geezer) ha ha lol oh my god. from the way you act id guess 17-18,
    your house in venice is close, i work in santa monica.
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    oh go how does it feel to compete with a 20 year old. i bet you feel pretty mighty.

    ps. dont forget about your daughter
  19. wow, wonder when this gets moved to talk? :bs:
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