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  1. fp

    Sure you can fark my daughter! She likes fudgepackers. How do I install a F pipe? You know, the kind that makes one pipe come out the rear of the car and the other pipe comes out the drivers side right under the door so you burn the sheet out of your leg every time you get in and out? I'm having trouble figuring it out.
  2. hey man if your looking to get burned all you have to do is post on here.

    and dont forget to lube those muffler bearings.(when you find the mufflers of course

    god damn malibu is beautiful today
  3. Hmmmm, a daughter huh. Funny all this money and no wife? Im not surprised, and it also doesn't surprise me that your daughter can't live in the same house as you. Act your freaking age. :rolleyes:
  4. Good thread guys! :rlaugh:

    Keep it going! :nice:
  5. cronin49---> :chair: <--- everyone else
  6. :bs:
    I said nothing bad about cronin, there's no need for bashing :nonono:
  7. putty

    How do you think I got my daughters, you Mongoloid? I've been married for 27 years. By the way, what the *** is a Pootie? Sounds gay to me! Do you pack the fudge?
  8. Ohh yea ?? Well I'm a po ass 32 year old blue collar factory supervisor that makes $45,000 a year, I live in a rental house that when it rains, it floods my front yard. I have a wife of 9 years that is a waitress in a greasy burger crack in the sidewalk where I eat for free, I have a nice 02 GT, that I modify whenever my measely salary allows, I have cable internet that no-one else on the street has, enabling mine to fly at super speeds, and I drink ALOT of beer on the weekends with all my rowdy friends. So, all in all, It just doesn't get any better than that !!!!
    :D :nice:
  9. Ah yes, the 50 year old fights back. Not only is he dumb, but enjoys using the word Mongoloid in hopes of hiding his racism/mocking of people with Downs. I am a white American while were at it. Also it seems you really are 50 and need to catch up to the times. But dont worry, I am willing to help you by explaining these things out for your wrinkly ass. Ill even add smiley faces to brighten up your foggy life.

    First Question:
    How did you get your daughters??? Well I think i speak for most of us when I say I assumed:
    A) Women have married you, let you take them all over the world, had the regretful type of sex people have after a bad choice in life, and then divorced you enjoying full child support benefits. :nice:
    B) Your wife left you, and left you the kids too cuz your SO rich. :nonono:
    C) You got women pregnant in hope of trapping them into mariage :nonono:
    D) You got a chick (aka young woman for you old timers out there) drunk, she didn't make you wear a condom, and you had a kid. Then realized pro-creation was fun, found another woman and date rapped her and voila, child #2. :nonono:
    E) Not only are you a dick, own 5 cars and yet dont know jack about em, but ugly too and no woman will touch you, so you adopted your kids. :nonono:
    F) Are so lonely that you made it up. :nonono:

    If you need help with anything else people on this board may be assuming about you, or how to practice safe sex PM me. btw, PM stands for Private Message and the link can be found up and to the right of your no doubt, HUGE computer screen. :rolleyes:

    Oh, and btw stands for By The Way. :rolleyes:

    Assuming your going to get evil on my ass and say stuff about my birth or parents, its ok. Im a bastard anyways. :flag:

    Now for the 2nd question. What is Pooty? While I am not a religious man, I fear only god can help you now. There is a simple reason why it may sound gay to you, because you cannot identify with this glorious form of apple pie. Pooty aka Poon aka the cat aka the "location" in which you used to "create" your children. Now it wasn't the type of movie that goes around in your small circle of friends (the "s" on friends was also an assumption), but Pootytang was a cheap humorous flick that came out not too long ago about a ladies man. ( That means a man who is always wanted by women, but does have other meanings) My name Pootiestang, not only sounds like that, but also would indicate the vehicle attracts the Poon, or in this case Pooty. This is most likely the reason for which you bought your car assuming the other "5" dont have wheels, but alas, I could be wrong. For whatever reason Pootytang was a name given to me by some friends because it not only matched my last name in someways, but I could do a good impersonation of the guy in Pootytang and well the obvious, but YOU may not be able to figure that out.

    If you look up tang in the dictionary you might get the idea of what pootytang means, but most guys know from experience. :banana:

    As for your 3rd question, unless one of your daughters was a Brownie Scout I can't say I do or would pack the fudge. :nono: But you did say she liked em.

    With all your questions answered I hope you understand life much better, and hopefully just figured out all the Poon jokes you never understood. Now you can sit in your chair and keep watching the mail box. And you probably will too, figuring that your cat-back will fit in the mail box.

    Also, I love how you installed the gears yourself. Then the friends comes into the picture. Another assumption at this point would be he did the work, but remember Im a Mongoloid so I might not know much.
  10. Just one more thing, I also find it funny that you didn't say "happily maried" Most people tend to say that if their mariage has been a good one. With out the extra word in there I think people will start to see more of what I am saying. You Poon!

  11. :eek: All this, hidden under the title "bassini".

  12. That's probably why it isn't locked yet ... all the mods are burned-out on exhaust ?s I think. :rlaugh:
  13. Forget the other guys on this thread...I wanna hang with you!

    No offense Cronin, but if I ordered a Cat-back exhaust and didn't know what it came with, I would sure as hell ask when I was ordering. Furthermore, if you had the time, knowledge and inclination to install your own gears (I know how to do a lot on my car, but installing gears is something that I'm going to take a pass on), I would certainlly hope that you would know what goes into a cat back exhaust.

    Furthermore, I think some people on here were busting your balls and you're getting a little outta line...I mean went from exhaust to busting on Moms, wives and daughters. :notnice:

    I agree with the people above :lock:
  14. :rolleyes:
    Why can't someone ask a question without getting bashed? This is retarded.

    :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:
    :lock: :lock: :lock:

    :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:

  15. Rock on Brother! I totally feel you. being poor sucks!! (i wish i made 45K a year)!!!! Navy salary sucks. :bang:
  16. darn y'all, it ain't all that hard to install them there gears!! Just Gimme a come-along, a sledge hammer, and some duct tape and they bound to go right in!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: some moonshine might help too :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    ok I've had my fun now.

    cronin49, just chill bro. people in here just cut up on each other for fun. Nothing personal is meant unless you make it that way. Just cut on them back and it will be all good. no need to go after family though.....thats just wrong. *FUNNY* but wrong.

    oh yeah P.S. time for the :lock:
  17. I think this is where the majority of us fit in here ... I know I do except I wish I made your salary and then I could afford DSL instead of my caveman dial-up I have now. :nonono:
  18. Yeah it does. I'm a contractory through the military and make about $25,000 after taxes :( I had eat ramen noodles for a month to get my new rims but it was sooo worth it!!

    Anyways, I think it's time to lock this bad boy up. :lock: This is why I don't ask for tech advice here. I come to stangnet when I'm bored and need to be entertained.
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