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  1. Anybody know where I can get some custom battery cables? None of mine match and I would like to have custom lengths versus what auto zone and all have which are 12 inch increments ya know? Also would like custom ground straps as well. If anyone could help that would be great!!!
  2. I made my own.
    got the longest cables the parts store had, cut to length, installed new ends with a propane torch, solder and sealed them off with heat shrink wrapping.

    Turned out well.

    As for buying custom length cables, I'm sure a google search will turn something up.
  3. Skip all the bs stores and hit up your local welding supply shop for some cable and make your own cables to whatever length you need, same applies to the ground straps.
  4. I just did another search and I think I'm gonna give these fellas a try
  5. welding supply store.
  6. It's all about strand count when you are buying a cable intended for an automotive application versus a ground cable for a stick welder. The more and finer strands the better in this case. Advance Auto parts has a roll of 1 ga.It's clear, and you can see the copper wire through it. They'll sell it to you by the foot.
  7. You need to do a bit more research on the subject before posting.
  8. Thats funny right there
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  9. I didn't research so I won't post
  10. Agreed! Funny stuff ^^^

    @MikeH686 I make all of my own custom cables. I bought a heavy duty crimping tool that will crimp brass or aluminum ends on cables up to 4aut. I figured I would only use it once but it has proved to be quite the handy tool to have.
  11. Do I even bother to explain how wrong this is? Lol
  12. @84Ttop you got a link to the tool?
  13. Making your own cables is fairly simple.

    Welding cable is actually a very good solution for replacement cables. In fact, us in the car audio world like to use it quite often. It's 100% copper and inexpensive compared to some of the name brand audio power cable.

    With many of the aftermarket wire out there right now, you have to be on the look out for CCA, or copper clad aluminum. It's not near as good as 100% copper. While it can still work, you just have to know what you are getting and how to figure current carrying capabilities.
  14. Yeah I know about copper clad being bad because dis similar metals expanding and contracting at different temps but I'm figuring on going 2 gauge wire for everything
  15. Gathering intel on things I do not have much experience in, ie: reading, watching, subscribing and learning = :pop:
  16. Ahh I see said the blind man
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