Battery Cables

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  1. Whaaa??? What do I need to research?
  2. And there it is.... Been waiting all night for this response...
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  4. Somebody wanna let me in on the dealio? I can't quite figure out what the hell the joke is here.
  5. Everyone is waiting on your rebuttal to basically 95opel telling you that you have no clue as to what you are talking about in not so many words. Including me. Pass the pop corn? or Doritos @MikeH686 @84Ttop
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  6. I love popcorn :pop: and doritos tacos :banana:
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  7. Soo that was real?:shrug:

    Huh. Go Figure.:nonono:

    Hey!, @95opal,.........what essential element did I need to spend more time learning about before I offered my reply about where to get a battery cable?
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  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ^^^ today is gonna be a good day of watching this thread unfold
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  9. Ive been waiting for the sh!t to hit the fan since that first comment...
  10. Glad I could make everyone's Monday a little less hateful :)

  11. For starters welding cable has finer strands than regular battery cable, thus your statement was completely wrong from the get go.
  12. :grabsacoldbrew:
  13. some one pass the popcorn...

    FWIW... my car and both race cars are using welding wire. nitrous car us running 00 turbo car runs 1 and i have 2
  14. Where in the book of strand count statistics does it say that welding cable has more strands than xyz brand battery cable?

    I'd have to say that we're both assuming here. I made my statement based on my usage of the cable from advance.


    it wouldn't have mattered how much " research" I would have invested before offerering my suggestion, unless you can show me where all welding cable automatically has a denser wire count than the battery cable I was referring to.
  15. .....and here we go :fight:
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  16. For what the OP is doing, I really doubt that strand count would have any negative effect one way or another. It is more important to have the right gauge of cable for the amps/length that the cable is used for. In my application, I have to run a 0/1 gauge cable from the 200 amp alternator to the high amp cut-off solenoid in the trunk of the car 15 feet away. I never considered wire strand count when buying the bulk cable. It is highly unlikely that my car will burst into flames because the strand/wire count is not "correct". Hell I don't even know what the "correct" strand/wire count should be. :shrug:
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  17. The entire reason for the strand count comment was to be sure he got the biggest cable that was the most flexible, while at the same time, being clad in a PVC vinyl overwrap that was rated for exposure to battery acid, oil, gasoline,brake fluid, road salt/grime and a certain amount of heat. Unless you gotta really grimy, oily, 212 degree hot assed garage,...WELDING CABLE clad in some form of rubber sleeve was never intended for that exposure.
    So in the end, I don't know whether it has more or less strands than the Advance auto parts bulk cable I was recommending;

    My point about strand count ( over simplified for those still in diapers)

    Lets take pencils and toothpicks as an example here.

    In a tube 1" in diameter,........... jam as many pencils as you can get into it.

    Now jam another 1" tube full of tooth picks.

    Now take into consideration how much air gap there is between the pencils........then between the toothpicks.:scratch:

    Now using our imaginations,.:confused:...imagine the wood was actually copper. How much more current would actually course through the toothpick sized copper conductors as a result of there actually being more copper in the 1" tube than in the one filled with pencil sized conductors, and..............................
    All that air.......
    Between the pencils...........
    Not moving one,......single,.........electron.

    How can that be? They're both the same size cables.

    That's all I'm sayin.
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  18. The only reason I would get welding cable would be for the flexibility but to me and my knowledge gauge size determines amp limitations not strand count.