Battery Cables

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  1. And at that point you were deemed weird and an outcast
  2. I miss the chili cheese flavor fritos. those were delicious.
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  3. get back on topic :eek:
  4. Youre just angry they didn't make chili cheese Doritos
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  5. Oh yeah, when I see them I buy them....
  6. Do some research before you go blabbing your mouth. We are talking Fritos here for goodness sake!
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  7. F u ck Fritos Doritos ftmfw
  8. Did someone say Mt Dew flavored Cheetos?
  9. It's 6:55am, I should be drinking coffee and reading about Mustangs but instead you guys got me craving Flaming Hot Cheetos with Lime and an ice cold beer to wash it down.

    This is a funny debate. Where is Raceoholic330's opinion on this? Probably doing more important things like wiring his entire car from scratch.