Battery Drain Problem Solved

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  1. Hello all,

    My 2005 GT started the mysterious battery drain problem last week. I went through 2 new batteries in a week. After spending hours on the net searching everything possible I found out the hard way. After washing the car I noticed water on the passenger floor that led to a plugged cowl drain. This got the sjb unit soaked & started causing shorts. Lucky for me my mechanic had a 2005 wreck & we swapped it. So far so good with no parasitic draw. Now I will make sure the cowl drain stays open.

    I hope this helps anyone having this issue.

  2. While this may sound ignorant ..... may I ask what is a "sjb unit"? :shrug:
  3. It is the smart junction box located behind the passenger side kick plate. If you get a severe cowl drain plug the water can cause all sorts of problems if it gets in there.
  4. OK .... know what a Smart Junction Box is, wasn't so sure about sjb unit .... just didn't occur to me.