Battery Hold Down Bolt

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  1. On my recently aquired 92 LX I discovered the battery had no hold down. I found the clamp in the console but did not find the bolt. The hole in the tray is a tad rusty and I want to run a tap through it before getting a new bolt and putting the clamp back on. Below is a link to the part but I'll just dig one up around the house or go but a stainless steel one at the hardware store.

    Does anyone know the size of this bolt. Coarse or fine and what size?
  2. Speaking of bolts, anyone ever had an IAC bolt strip out of the TB? Figured I would put a heli-coil in it and see how that flies....wondered why I was using so much gas, with a terrible idle lately. Oh yeah, and the ignition module on the steering column, same thing, stripped screw...causing all kinds of hell
  3. 6mm x 1.0 x 55mm
  4. Thanks. That will help prevent me from trying to run the wrong size tap through the hole.
  5. I think mine is a 1/4 x 20 stainless with a matching clip and an extra stainless fender washer and nut below for insurance. Probably not stock but is surely sturdier on the fiber/plastic tray.
  6. I picked up a 6mm - 1 x 50 at Lowes last night. Slapped some anti seize compound on it and it went right in perfect.