Battery In Trunk To Do Or No?

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  1. Is it worth while to put battery in trunk on street car? I know its been beat to death the subject that is but what y'all think one more time?
  2. Street car..nope.
  3. Good enough for me
  4. o_O
    Well that depends do you pull into a parking space or back in?
  5. This would be in the eye of the beholder. I'd say it's worthwhile, and have done it in 2 of my 3 cars. Moves cg rearward, improving handling and traction. Perhaps another alternative is to go with a mini battery, but their lifespan is not that great.....
  6. Not sure what crank amps are required for the 5.0 but both my dad and I used lawnmower batteries in our 2.5 turber dodges and they lasted for years.
  7. Ha! For real?
  8. Yeah, daily drivers. The winter was a little sluggish at times starting but they worked fine. Left them in the engine bay, though, so had to alter the tray they sat on but worked fine. The looks on some people's faces when you popped the hood was pretty fun.
  9. I say not unless your looking for a show car or drag car. No battery in the engine bay does look nice IMO. But dropping the tank and running the wires cleanly is a lot of work. I did it and if I could do it over I'd just leave battery alone.
  10. agree 100%
  11. Spending close to $200 to move the battery to the trunk correctly on a DD or street car is not worth it IMO. To do it right, you need to buy the

    battery box
    15 feer of 1 or 0 welding cable
    inline fuse
    battery cable terminals
    cable tie downs or brackets
    cut off switch and/or 2nd starter relay
    shrink wrap

    Plus you have to drop the tank, run the wires, etc. I've done it on several cars in the past, but only for drag or show. I'd spemd the money elsewhere.
  12. $200- I'm out
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