Battery Light?!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by GeeCueSN95, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. so last night i noticed my battery warning light came on and has stayed on, however my car has been running good and the voltage gauge shows that it has a lot of power still... what could be causing this or is it something actually messin up? help
  2. If your voltage is OK but the battery light is on it may be a bad battery. Which will eventually ruin a good alternator. It's a simple matter to go have the battery tested. Drive it to Wal-Mart, Auto Zone, or Advance and yank the battery and have it tested. I have a Don Schumacher battery charger (bought it at Wal-Mart) which basically tells me if a battery is bad or not.
  3. They can test it in the car, you don't even have to yank it and reset all your radio presets.

  4. thanks fellas, didnt get a chance to do it today but ill get to it tomorrow
  5. Check the wiring pigtail on the alternator. My light is coming on because the white wire keeps popping off and grounding itself.
  6. Harryjackson must work at Ford lol. Most of us on here don't let anyone touch our cars Harry. That is why we are on here. Because we like to do things ourselves. I personally won't let anyone touch my car with a wrench. Since my wife bought a Stang I won't let anyone touch it either.