battery relocation, post pics please

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by smellmygas, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. well my battery cables are pretty bad and its having a hard time getting power through them. so i ordered a summit racing battery relocation kit. I was hoping to see some peoples pics of how they did theres and where there mounted?
    where did you run the power cable? and what did you ground it too.
    Please post pics of where you have yours mounted, this is my sunday project!!!
  2. Not sure if i have any pics, but i'm hoping you didn't order the summit kit with the plasitc box. Kinda of makes the car look like you jacked a box off of someones camper.

    Most tracks if not all won't let you run it. Besides it looks kinda of cheap.
    The moroso kit and the summit built box both are approved though, so if you got one of them you are good to go.

    I have the taylor, which is decent, not great, but alot better than the plastic box.

    I ran the power cable throug a hole in the firewall, behind the kick plate, down past the seat by door sill in the bottom corner (you'll see other wires there) up past the rear seat around all the interior panels and to the licence plate where i put the disconnect (which i suggest the first time around). Not an ounce of it is showing or in a dangerous spot.

    Grounded the battery to the quad shock mount.

    I'm also told by a super reliable source that the computer should also be ground to the battery. with a #10 meaning run it the distance with the positive.
    Some cars can do without this some can't. It's also recommended by pro-m if you use their meter.

    Mines mounted on the passenger side with one bolt through the frame, and the other just though the floor.
  3. agree with you on that plastic box i had one and got in a wreck and it shattered from the impact into a million pieces wtf!?! as far as how i had mine routed i drilled a hole next to the rear hump and used a welding cable for my positive cable and the positive cable that came with it for my negative terminal just because that welding cable is one beefy cable. but i routed mine undereath the car and used tie wraps and wraped them around a screw and screwed it into the underbody of the car. i dont recomend routing it that way just because i think it interferes with my stereo but it didnt enterfere without an amp so as long as you dont have an amp you will be ok that way other than that i havent noticed any problems with it.
  4. You can check my sig for pics. Too lazy to link them at the moment.
  5. Bow, nice job under the hood, but i don't care too much for just sticking the battery in the hatch no box.
  6. well i like it. its securely strapped in so it isn't just sitting there. I just never found a battery box i liked and the Optima doesn't require one being a drycell battery. It might not pass a tech inspection but i don't care
  7. thanks for the help guys,
    bowtie- your engine bay looks real nice and clean, hopefully mine will too.
    but i actualy do have a cheapo summit box, a friend gave it to me cause he wasnt using his, and my car wont start easily because i need new cables and a better ill install this 1 for now, how many times should i be grounding it, it seems that i should ground the computer.
    is it bad to run the cable under the car, or just not the best way, i have an amp in the truck and i have an 8" sub to throw in soon and dont want interference.
    any other pics or help is appreciated
  8. when i bought my car, the battery was already installed in the rear hatch, the wire were run underneath the car. It was professionally installed my springfield motorsport, the only thing is they installed it in a very wierd location such that I can't fit subs in the rear. I might have to relocate it myself. I think that involves taking the gas tank out, thats going to suck.
  9. i cant figure out what to mount it too. not to mention the summit instructions were copied so dark that the pictures are just black.
    im a little hesitant in drilling towards the gas tank.