Battle of the Superchargers - Vortech vs Whipple vc Procharger?

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently completed a series of mods on 05 GT (Steeda CAI and under drive pulley's) that resulted in a very respectable 297rwhp and 297lbft of torque following a SCT Xcalibrator 2 custom tune at Tapp Auto here in Ottawa. Now I am thinking blower to take my baby to the next stage. I am intrigued by the benefits of a twin screw design (more consistent power at lower revs etc) and Whipple say they will have a kit out soon for the 05's. Are there any opinions pro or con on that technology? From what I've seen so far (and what my tuner recommends) the Procharger seems the way to go. Comments, ideas and rants welcome.

  2. There's good data on the centrifugals already on the forums. The Whipple kit has not been released yet, but should work very well. One kit you didn't mention was the Saleen 05 blower kit. It is similar to the Whipple, whereas it uses a 2.3 twin screw rotor pack. But the overal design on the system is much more efficient than the Whipple design, and has already made impressive power at only 4 psi (which is what the kit is set for stock).

    I'm sure more blower tests and data will be coming in the near future from all brands.
  3. from what i have been hearing is that you can NOT use the underdrive pulleys with boost.....
  4. You can't use the underdrives because most of the 05 blower kits use the same belt as the motor. So you'd wind up with like 2 psi of boost if you left the underdrives on :D.
  5. This should be an interesting thread... i'm conemplating the same mod... I looked on and they are going to sell the whipple charger. So far the procharger appears best bang for the buck...
  6. I have attained 418hp and 387 torque at the wheels with my Vortech kit (non I/c).Seems to max out 6-7lb boost from what I have seen so far and the car is as docile on the street as stock when I want it to be or as nasty as I need it to be when I want..that IMO is the benefit of the centrifugal units over the twin screw ones which are on boost in the lower RPM ranges..really depends on what you like,but since I cruise on the hwy alot I am not even on the boost at all unless I need to be,so that part is real nice.Also the price seems to be really attractive on the non I/c vortech kits too..Best bang for the buck price wise IMO
  7. This is the exact reason I went with a centifugal one too.
  8. Buy an intercooler! They aren't that hard to put in!
  9. You are not in boost at low rpms with a positive displacement blower. They have vacuum operated bypass valves just like centrifugal blowers. You are in boost when vacuum drops to zero and the bypass closes, just like any other blower. The nice thing over the centrifugal, is that you can have more power at lower rpms when you want it, instead of having to rev for it. Anyone who's driven an 03-04 Cobra can attest to that. It's nice to be able to pass someone doing 60 without having to downshift :). You also don't have to launch the car at 4000 rpms, or put in steep gears.

    Different strokes for different folks. I prefer to have power from idle to redline, as opposed to the car feeling stock at lower rpms.
  10. I am not posting to contradict or flame by any means, I just like having a system that is a bit more forgiving on the bottom end and pulls hard all the way to redline.

    Being a 5-speed lover (And NOT a good bracket racer), I have never felt like I was stock on the bottom with a Procharger.

    I have owned the Roots/SCREWs, and I have broken belts during a race, so I can appreciate the dedicated drive system the Procharger offers.

    In addition, the installation is simple; Nearly half the time it takes to swap an intake.

    I certainly look forward to seeing the results of the positive displacement blowers... We will start seeing more E/Ts soon I am sure (I bet Sal posts the first ones too). Until then, I am happy knowing the BASE Procharger will duplicate 11.60s, and they have two more stages that support up to 800 HP, although I am not sure the drivetrain will... LOL!

  11. I will be adding the aftercooler to the unit soon, but since I got the original unit at no cost to me I was not about to pass it up..would you?..Vortech will be sending me the aftercooler now as well.
  12. Don't know if this will help or not.

    KB have recently released info on the Corvette C5 twin screw blower. The results are very good indeed. At the same boost level it was matching/exceeding the hybrid Roots setup at the bottom end with better throttle response and also slightly exceeding a Procharger centrifugal setup on the top end.

    IMO - without a doubt the twin screw is the best option out there for a road car as it will offer all of the benfits of the other setups in one package. The biggest downside is usually cost. If your after higher end power then it maybe worth wating to see what turbo setups become available, maybe along the lines of the rear mount STS setup. It won't be ideal but it does appear to work.


    At the end of the day, any power adder will make a big difference to the car.

    So do your reading and make your own choice. As unless going for the ultimate BHP monster all of the setups will offer very simlar final performance statistics. It how they deliver the power that will vary.
  13. The big benefit (IMHO) of the Saleen blower is the stealth factor. By the time you get the I/C installed with the Procharger you can barely see the motor anymore what with all the tubing.
  14. true but most people drive around with the bonnet shut so it makes little difference :rlaugh:

    But I get what you mean.
  15. I couldn't agree more - if wanted that much piping I would go to a twin turbo setup - but I really like the Saleen torque curve and the car is as docile or a radical as you want to drive it and when you do open the hood they have to look very hard if they see it at all!!
  16. No doubt it is stealthy. That is a MAJOR factor in street racing for money. It is also relatively quiet, compared to the Procharger, and I KNOW Sal will prove it to be powerful.

    Talk about stealth, check this out...

    The Magnacharger is no longer made (Allen for the GT, Crown Vic and T-Bird 4.6s). Unfortunately, Allen closed it's doors in January. So, it is Roush, Saleen, and Whipple IF they ever get off their asses...

    Some bad ass projects are coming! I am just happy to OWN my GT, much less being BLOWN TOO!

    Hehe! I cannot wait, the Procharger goes in this weekend.

    This is from 99 (We were still running 14s in a 17 second truck when stock), now we run 12s at 8 PSI with this 5650 lb SCREW...

    I added a vid of Ted's Procharger in the page on the Project 05 site.
  17. All the companies listed above make beautiful blowers. Personally I think Saleen is the smartest and most efficent blower. Procharger a close second.
  18. Sal- Have you completed the install and run it yet? Anyone have any E/Ts on the Saleen at this point? Again, just discussion, not flaming. I simply have no data on the Saleen other than one source I am not confident with, and will remain nameless.

    Procharger documented the 11.60 and another 05 GT owner backed it up with an 11.70 pass on the same day. They are VERY near pulling the wheels off the grouns on drag radials.

    Regarding the Vette, here is a blurb on the C5 Procharger for reference...

    Quote from the site...

    “The system looks great and performs even better. We ran the car on the [chassis] dyno and were pleasantly treated to 644 RWHP at 5,700 RPM, with 609 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 RPM.”

    End quote.

    Also noted is the Procharger on the Vette made 490 at 5 PSI (See link above).
  19. Cheers, although I'm not sure what other mods where used as Procharger only claim 540+rwhp @ 7psi.

    But I will say this, I'm currently trying to get my hands on a C5 Vette (proving rather difficult to find a manual one though!!!!!!) and although I love the twin screw blower as a concept it will be a Procharger that will find its way onto the car.
  20. Not yet. It's sitting here waiting to go on. I have to wait until the shop is free to put it on, we're hella busy right now and the customer work has to come first.