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  1. do they fit into the 77 mustang II i car get a preped race ready rolling chassy cheap but i want a 460
  2. Anything fits with the proper modification. I have a 78 with a 5.4 in it, which is overall larger than a 460. Exhaust has to go out the fenderwells. If you plan to use a C6 you will need to make a new trans tunnel. How "race preped" is this car? If it's got a tube chassis nose then it should be easy. If it's a stock setup front end, you'll be doing a lot of fab work.

    Any particular reason for the 460? You can build a big inch 351W based motor like a 415 or 427 (heck you can even go over 450 inches with an aftermarket block) that will make just as much power but be much easier to package in the car.

  3. just because ive seen stock 460s with a simple turbo setup making 380hp n 800 tq ...not bad ehhhh
  4. Wow, that guy really knows his II's.
  5. well i asked em today its a stock chasis no tubes ... i think im gunna just find a fox boddie if ne ones nere ct and wants this car pm me ill hook yall up its 800
  6. That's what I was going to say.
  7. That's my current plan, a 427W.
    However, a 600+C.I. 460 stroker could have really cool-looking fender badges. (10.0 LITERS) haha.
  8. I called that guy on the car already,haven't had time to go see it yet.
    Car has 8in. rear with 4:11's.
    He says he used to have a C6 with a split bellhousing in it.
    I asked if he modded the tunnel and he said it fit without enlarging.
    No rollcage, does have a fuel cell.

    Shttystang, are you near Conn.?

  9. yeah i found i sn95 i gunna do this 2 :) but yes were talking bought the same guy he lives 10mins from me
  10. I'm in Ansonia., I was going to look at the car this weekend but didn't have time.
    If you seen it, what's it like?

  11. havent seen it yet tommrow i was gunna look WAS.....

    NO kiddin ansonia imgrew up there and just moved 5-6 months ago from there .... last name rich or daniels sound fimalair pm me maybe some time would could get up

    if i decide to look at it ill tell ya
  12. I'd like to know how a c-6 fits unmodded? A c-4 with the 11" and change bell housinig won't clear without removing some material from the bellhousing, and forget about trying to take it out.
  13. I'd like to see that as well,
    I just changed from a 4 speed to auto C4 and with headers,and THAT was tight!

    Shttygtstang, I'm up near Emmet o'Brien, but not a Rich,or Daniel.
    I'm also probably older than the guys you know.
    I moved to Ansonia the first time in 1957.The second time in 2001.
  14. ill tell ya this i know you gotta know me or my family we use to own mr ds pizza i also lived on hill top on mountain view road off casio st. But i might go today ill tell ya how she is :p
  15. I just came back from looking at the car, it's a black Mach 1 with t-tops.
    Interior is stripped out,even the dash.
    His drag rear is a traction bars. 8" rear with 4:11 Auburn.
    5 gallon fuel cell, relocated battery, driveshaft loop.
    Body is straight, needs paint bad. Aftermarket '69 style hood scoop.
    Engine bay was hammered in a few places for clearance.
    Radiator support frame is bent up and twisted at the bottom.
    Original 13" rims, with MT drag slicks still good.

    He can be bargained with. But I alraedy have enough work, and there are no parts I want.
  16. I always wondered if 351M/400M cars ever came with a C4 trans. If so, that's a perfect bell for a 460/C4 setup in a II. I've only seen a few of them with an FMX, never a C4.
  17. Why go to the expense ,and trouble to shoehorn a 460 in a II?? I know they look impressive ( had one in my 79 pro streeter) but a stoker would solve all of that. Neat little 302 lookin block with a 347 crank ,rod,pistons ,etc. Lotsa torque and a sleeper to boot. If you can keep your mouth shut about what is lurking under the valve covers
  18. just a little less stealthy and a little more work woud be a 351w stroked and poked to 427ci

    add a Vortech V-4 J-Trim Supercharger and you have insane power and can actually still corner
  19. Aluminum 429 block, maximum sleeve bore, stroker crank, aluminum rods, ultra light slugs, pro stock heads with 2.4"/2.04" valves, solid roller cam, sheet metal intake, 1350 race demon, 2.5" headers, 4" exhaust.
    600+ cubic inches has an interesting sound, and alum. big blocks are fairly light, too.
    The only way I'd go with a big block is if I could afford to go all the way with it. I wouldnt run some big heavy stocker, otherwise a 427W small block would definitely be superior in every way except for durability. (A 500hp mostly stock 460 is pretty damn tough.)