BBFCM Cancer treatment UPDATE......:

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  1. As many know by now, I have been under going treatments for a recurrence of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a very aggressive form of cancer involving the white cells in my blood. I have had a few request re: updates on what is going on, and how I am doing. So to make that easier I am posting here a copy of my weekly e-mail update that I send to friends and family. I e-mailed this update last night............ is also why you may have seen a lot of my replies involve ":puke:"

  2. Thanks for the update, Fritz..... work has kept me up to my a$$ in alligators (boss is out of town for two weeks and, in addition to my usual "roving troubleshooter" job, I'm stuck at his desk again :bang: ) ; so I haven't had time to check my email for your F-O-G's.

    I'm gonna PM you my gmail account address (spam-proof and available at home); hoping you can get it in your address book before you go in.

    Good luck, ol' buddy.
  3. Best of Luck Fritz.
  4. Hey Fritz, somehow you got knocked off my msn list. Could you give me your id so I can put you back on it? Then I can bug you when you get home.
  5. Keep the faith and don't forget us too! BTW, leave the nurses alone so they can help you! :rlaugh:
  6. I am praying for you man.

  7. I wasn't aware there were alligators in Yuma......Are they the kind people refer to as "Gila Monsters"?:scratch:
    I don't use MSN messenger any more, but if you'd (or anyone else for that matter) would like, if you e-mail me your e-mail address I would be more than happy to add you to my "Fritz-O-Gram" list.
    :lol: Two things wrong with that! 1) I am a nurse.... :( and B) (Ever hear the expression, "The heart is willing, but the flesh is weak"?) Most times I feel soooooo crappy 'bout all I can do is look and dream.......:nonono: I won't even get into what the chemo has done to the plumbing.................:(
    Thank You! :hail2:

    The weekend before I went in for the third round of chemo, my brother and sister-in-law came to visit from NH.......Anna turned to me at one point and said she was gonna call "OverHaulin'" and get the Mustang done.....I smiled and told her that when I go in for the stem cells would be the perfect time, I would arrange to have the basement unlocked so Chip etal. could get the parts and "I'll give you a list of what I would like done to her!" :D
  8. Fritz- add me to the F-O-G also, BTW email me the list of things you'd like done ;)
  9. I need your e-mail address............

    Plans for "sally": Review the CD I sent you to give you an idea where I want to start/upgrade from......
    finish undercarraige repairs (mostly front frame from shock towers forward)
    new front suspension (have 99% of parts) to V8 specs w/ 1" shelby drop
    granada front disc conversion
    install export brace and monte carlo bar (in basement)
    sub-frame connectors (i really like the TCP two-kit style...need)
    swap out 7.5 rear for 8" with 3.50 or 3.55 gearing
    all new brakes/lines/etc......install appropriate dual chamber MC (currently have '67 MC w/ = sized chambers....need one w/ larger front for front disc/rear drum.........)
    '65 styled steel wheels....ARGENT (widest tyres possible!!!)
    complete body work and paint.....replace L rear qtr, R lwr qtr, doors, pass. rocker panel etc., etc...."R" style front valance (need), dual exhuast rear valance (need), rechrome or paint bumpers to match, shelby (cougar?) style sequential rear taillights, '65 shelby side and hood scoops, buff/repair rest of chrome incl. GT Fog lights, paint original IVY GREEN, w/ possibly (?) GT350 style stripping "ghosted" in gold.
    Interior/Electrical new under dash harness (need) for dash w/ guages (have guages...need to be rebuilt) wood trim accent to guages (need new bezel), wood grain glove box door (I have wood knobs/shifter handle/steering wheel), custom wood package tray w/ cutouts for speakers, repair? replace driver's seat....?new belts (3pt or 5pt...depending on front seats) new carpet (ivy gold?) (needed), door "pony" style interior panels (need), int color scheme=Palomino w/ wood gr. accents...
    CD player (hidden changer?) TO FIT EXISTING DASH OPENING w/ speakers in rear deck, rally-pac
    Drive-train I-6 built up w/ Clifffords perf. package (aussie head/2v carb, etc., etc....), 200 ci, possibly bored/(?)stroked to 250, ceramic coated headers into dual exhuast, either rebuild C4 tran (? powder coat casing?) or an AOD swap............

    Does that cover it?:scratch: Think Chip Foose can handle it?:scratch: Instead of 7 days, they can use the full 21 days I'll be in the hospital!!!:D:D:D

    That would be an AWESOME Get Well present!!!:nice::nice::nice:

    BTW- I'll be sure to act appropriately surprised at the "OverHaulin'"!
  10. Please add me to the Fritz-O-Gram list as well.

    Miss Avatar Chick will remain in her nurse outfit until you're in the clear. Then maybe she'll even don a skimpy bikini for you (something to look forward to :p).


  11. Now THAT would be something to look forward to. Make it a yeller polkadot one.
  12. about pressure.......if I don't get better quick StangDreamin' will KILL me!!! :rlaugh:
  13. Best of luck, Stanger. My Mom had the stem cell harvest thing done 4 years ago for her Leukemia treatment. So far, so good, but we still have our fingers crossed.

    Hope it goes as well for you. We will all keep our fingers crossed.
  14. Thank you. I'll keep your mom in my prayers!
  15. Dang Fritz, I visit the forum less and didn't know you were fighting it again. My wife and I will keep you in our prayers (as will the monkeys ;) ). I will e-mail you my personal e-mail address to add to the fritz-o-gram list. I know I'm way ovr here on the correct coast, but if there is any thing I can do don't hesitate to contact me. Kick it's ass for good this time :banana:

    Dwain (gp001)
  16. As always, I'm in awe of your sense of courage and enduring positive attitude. I wish you the best of luck with your treatment and the speediest of recoveries. Keep up the good fight! :nice:
  17. I wish I could take credit for it. Truth beknown, I draw my strength from my family, friends and neighbors. It has been the support of those around me that has kept me going from the very first way back in '99. My faith has also been very important too, and I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

    It's an amazing thing, back when I first started with Fritz-O-Grams (June '00), it was to keep family and immediate friends informed, and to take that burden (or numerous phone calls) from my siblings. Within months there were several hundred "subscribers", most or whom I never knew, from all over. In addition, I have many people of many, many faiths praying for me!

    My thanks to EVERYONE! :hail2::hail2::hail2:
  18. Hey Cowboy!

    I'm glad I'm on your F.O.G. list, as well as having the enjoyment of a Factory Five visit with you. Get better so I can strap your A** in COBRASK8 when it's on the road for a hellacious ride!

    (see, aren't you glad I made you post it, rather than me?)
  19. Ya, ya, ya, but you know ol' humble me....I don't like calling attention to myself. :rolleyes:

    Now go read Oboe's and my previous posts re: OverHaulin, and you and Oboe get on the phone with Chip and start setting it up! It could very well be a unique episode!:D;)

    **EDIT** I cannot wait for a ride in COBRASK8, I'd also love to see her out here for the Annual Boy Scout Car Show (which btw, is tomorrow!) parked right next to "sally", w/us in our lawn chairs sipping cold refreshments as the assembled masses :drool:!!!
  20. Hmm, lace paintjobs on the roof, he can paint it "Cookie-Monster Blue"!!!