BBFCM Cancer treatment UPDATE......:

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  1. NOPE! :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    I would like (starting at the original Ivy Green) w/ mebbe a touch of pearl and or metallic flake and GT350 style stripes "ghosted" in gold flake! :nice:

    I'll get a plush "Sully" doll to ride shotgun and Plates that read "BBFCM" - w/ a "Stangnet" logo sunshield across the top of the windshield:hail2:
  2. We-e-e-e-e-e-ll, she was running before I pulled the engine in May.....I did note they didn't say anything about "rolling":lol: (front end has been off since April!) :rolleyes:

    Oh well...........

    Stangnet Me! instead!:D

    btw....Chelle, how is Sadie doing?
  3. Well, I know you dont like me much but I still pray for your speedy recovery. My brother is looking at that stem cell deal should a recurrance surface . Hed go to Charleston SC , down here. God Bless. Stay strong.
  4. Slow. I've gotten really tired of welding & patching holes and I'm frustrated that I don't have the skill or equipment to do as good of a job on her as she deserves. So my goal is now to do the best I can with the money & skill I have now (ie not striving for perfection - just get the holes covered and her put back together). Then in a few years when I hopefully have a good job & money to spare, I'm gonna hire someone to do everything right.

    But as of right now, I'm almost ready to put the interior back together. Just need to clean out the cowl so I can finish replacing the collars, clean up the interior metal and paint it, and get new seats (looking for somethign like my Cherokee seats). But I haven't had much time lately because Mom & I have been remodeling the bathroom (replacing sheetrock, wiring, flooring, the works).

  5. Gee---If your parents REALLY loved you, they'd call OverHaulin' on you!;):D
  6. Actually, we where thinking about doing that for the Dodge. Figured we could tell them a great sob story about Dad hitting the deer on his motorcycle being life flighted to KC and spending time in the ICU and having to go 6 weeks w/o work, then needing to rebuild the bike so the Dodge got put on the back burner again. Plus with Whiteman AFB & the B2 ( :rolleyes: ) right here and the fact that Dad works on it, and since the Dodge is a somewhat rare (not really rare, but a heck of a lot less common than Mustangs) we figured they'd jump on it.

  7. Mebbe your Mom can get a two-for-one deal! :D

  8. Y'know, a scene like that just might actually get me to head back to my ancestral home state for that second time in my life! I wonder if Hooters Air (or Virgin if I bring along NK) would let me pack a couple-three-four-ten cases of Corona??? :cheers:

    Still Dreamin'
  9. If not, I'll make sure you have ALL the Coronas (and lime!) you could possible want.......I will even throw in a few pitchers of Margaritas too!:hail2:

    I'm gonna head out to this years event in a little while.......don't know if I'll stay long because my CBC was really low yesterday (I'm scheduled for a packed RBC transfusion Tuesday AM) and my azz is dragging.......
  10. Got there about 2:30 and had some lunch, then walked around for about 45 minutes before I started getting tired.....a lot of the same vehicles from last year.....The REAL '67 Shelby GT500 was thee again, and again, not an Eleanor to be seen! :banana:
    Quite a few early 'vettes, T-birds, street rods, etc.......there even was one "rat" rod! Looked pretty cool and fun to drive!:nice:
  11. I'll be gone.........

    I'm not going to be around for a day or two (possibly more) I have to be at the hospital* first thing tomorrow morning for a blood transfusion (my RBCs are extremely low), and since my sister lives closer, I am going to her house this afternoon.
    See y'all when I get back...........

    *The hospital where I go for my treatments is ~1 -1/2 hour drive from my house.
  12. Hey! Before you leave!

    You might want to PM me your snail mail addy; so that the big brown truck isn't cruising around Nawthun Lawn Guyland looking for "a house belonging to a guy who looks like he might have been blue and fuzzy before he went bald!" :p
  13. Fuzzy (or not at his current time), Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. One positive thing swimmers shave down before a meet...imagine how you could cut the gutter goo now :D

    ps - add me to the monthly "State of the Fritz address"
  14. I got to the clinic at 8:30 this AM, blood work done and I received two units of Packed RBCs, finally left the clinic at 3:30PM, just in time to deal with the afternoon rush..........took me an hour and a half to get home.......... :(

    Thursday morning I have to go back.......bloodwork in the Onc. clinic at 10AM, Pulmonary Function tests at 11AM, Echocardiogram at 1PM and a CT scan with contrast, from neck to nuts at 3PM......I'll be lucky to get home before 7! Although, after a day like that, I'm thinkin' I'll crash at my sister's Thursday night! :sleep:
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    It's a go.........
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  16. Holy Crap! I'd better get my butt in gear on that IBM!
  17. :doh:I thought you said ICBM!:doh:

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