BBFCM Cancer treatment UPDATE......:

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  1. Thanks, Fritz; I now understand what Dr Cheung was saying about my Mom. He wouldn't say "I got it all out", and still won't even just last week (almost a year since Mom's hemicolectomy). All he said was "I couldn't find any cell trails" in the two sections stitched together after the resection. After all the CAT's, MRI's and bloodwork (over the last 11.5 months); all he'll say is "Nothing shows a re-occurrance."

    Of course, you were hearing the same answers not that long ago. Take care, my friend.
  2. Ya.....a year ago I was in "remission"..................... :(
  3. Hope you'll be better soon, :flag:
    That Stang needs your attention and
    the gutter is a Blue Fuzzy mess.

    Best wishes to Ya.

  4. Thanx!:nice:
    If we get at least two days of dry weather here I'm gonna wrap "sally" in her BIG BLUE tarp for the winter.......:(
    Sorry about the BLUE FUZZ in the Gutter, trust me, I'd much rather be wearing it, especially since the weather is cooling towards winter........................:(
  5. Dude, tell ya what. Since you're pretty much outta fuzz; I'll declare the Jacuzzi "offically" closed for the winter and crank up its heater. You move in there and stay warm :nice: We can always get new filter cartridges after it warms back up for the next party season.
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    Do I get the Jacuzzi Girls to keep me company and rub my belly?:D
  7. All four girls????? :eek:

    Ummm, ah, I mean...Yeah, sure - anything for my pal! :banana:
  8. What can I say, I'm a BIG guy! :shrug:

    BTW.....Last I counted, there were SIX! :rolleyes:
  9. Good luck with all that treatment I just got done with chemo and rituxin treatment and am waiting to get a PT scan to see it is in remission(Non Hodgekins Lymphoma). I was off work for 4 months due to treatment and have finally got back to being 100%. I'm just hoping for good news from the PT scan because I don't want to go through chemo again.
  10. Sorry to hear that, hope everything turns out okay for you!

    I was first diagnosed 5 years ago, and was proclaimed to be in "remission" in March '01 after going through chemo, Rituxan and radiation treatments. Unfortunately my 6 month check up PET scan in May found a new mass in my abdomen and I'm going through all (except rad) now the stem cell transplant.

    And yes.........CHEMO SUX!:puke:
  11. Fritz,
    Dude, I can't believe what you are going through. Keep swinging, you're bound to knock it out someday.
    My prayers are with you.
  12. neither. You just gotta do what you gotta do, know what I mean? Thanks for the support and prayers.:nice:
  13. ::gathers up all the blue fuzz, spins it into yarn, and crochets a sweater::


  14. A SWEATER?
    I lost enough Blue Fuzz to crochet a tent!
  15. I met with the RN Transplant Coordinator this morning to go over "my" calender. This coming Friday I go in to have a special port placed in my left shoulder, it is used for the Apheresis (harvesting of stem cells). I will also be getting "mobilization" chemo to help stimulate stem cell production (that and mega doses of neupogen!) and will be discharged home on Sunday.
    The apheresis is all done in one shot, blood comes out, goes thru machine to separate, and goes back into me. It could take anywhere from 1 to 4 days ( 4 - 6 hours at a time) to harvest enough stem cells. This will be started on Monday October 4th.
    I will be staying at my sister's from Oct 1st until they admit me for the transplant on Oct 11th (or 12th). While I am at my sister's I WILL NOT have internet access, and I was told today that I probably will not have it in the hospital (they don't like patients using the phone lines for the internet, and the computers "allegedly" interfere with the medical equipment) ;)
    We'll see what happens! ;):D
    I should be home again sometime around November 1st.

    I am not looking forward to this, but I really don't have any other choice. :shrug: :(
  16. So shoot me your sister's email so I know where to send the ICBM
  17. I pm'd you her snail dress.............
  18. Hey Blue,

    pm me the snail stuff as well!
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  20. Your sister's snail dress :eek:

    That's just sooooooooo wrong on so many levels!