Fuel BBK 190 Lb. Fuel Pump Install Question


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Aug 23, 2020
Installed a BBK fuel pump today to replace the stocker that was in the tank of my '93 GT. When I removed the stock pump, the fuel return line (on the pump assembly) had an orange rubber cap with a clamp on it blocking fuel from returning to the tank from the factory return line. Everything looked factory when I took it apart, and it had been running fine before I took it apart. I looked at a couple of YouTube videos and I didn't see this cap on any other fox body pumps. Why would the factory cap off the return line? Seems to defeat the purpose of a return line. I removed it and left the line open, hope I didn't screw something up. Anybody seen this before? I haven't had a chance to put gas back in the tank and do a leak check or first start, high 90's today here in Texas and my non-A/C garage took it's toll, lol.
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Put lubricant all over the balls
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Feb 18, 2001
You mean this orange looking cap in this pic?


It’s supposed to be there. At the end is a tiny slit where the fuel sprays out. When the fuel isn’t flowing it closes up and prevent fuel from flowing out of the line of the level is low enough. It likely won’t make too much of a difference in operation
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