Bbk 70 Mm

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  1. I have a power plus 70mm throttle body, anyone know where the best spot to set that mixture screw...?
    cant seem to find any info
    thanks cam
  2. I think you are thinking of the idle screw. It shouldn't need any adjustment.

  3. well theres 2 adjustments on it? they are both for idle?whats the point of that?
  4. I'm not familiar with the second screw. My BBK throttle body only has one. Do you have a picture of this second screw?

  5. no ill take one tomorrow the car is at my shop.....but I know one allen head screw is the idle then theres one counter sunk flat head screw?
  6. Basically, the threaded bolt is for bigger idle speed adjustments, and the allen head job is for more fine tuning the idle -its not normally needed.
  7. well my car use to run rich and lope when first started.....ive played with it now and all went fuel smell.
  8. That's great news! I encourage you to double check your TPS voltage because it can change after adjusting it.
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