BBK cold air intake help


Aug 4, 2019
Holyoke ma 01040
I want to set up my car right. At this time now my 1990 mustang LX 5.0 is running 24lb injectors with C&L 70 mm throttle body, C&L 73 mm mass air meter, and the factory air box. I want to upgrade the filter instead of using the factory air box.
The question I have are:
Can I just remove the factory air box and install a BBK cold air intake and continue to use the C&L mass air meter. When I look up a new mass air meter when using 24lb fuel injectors, and BBK intake I should use BBK 76mm mass air meter. So I would like your guys opinions on best choices.
Should I just install the new cold air intake and keep the C&L mass air meter or should I get the new BBK mass air meter.
And if I do change out the mass air meter to the 76mm BBK should I think about changing the C&L throttle body I have to a BBK throttle body. Thanks your your help
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