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  1. Hi everybody, im new to the site and to late model mustangs. I purchased a 94 GT last week that has a few bolt ons. BBK intake, 65mm throttle body, BBK shorty headers and i'm not sure if its the stock intake upper and lower manifold cause it says (SVO motorsports) on top instead of GT? My question is there is also a BBK FMU on the car, but i want to know if it needs to be on the car with just those mods? Also there is two of the wires connected together w/ a resistor inbetween, at the plug of the MAF, would anyone know why they would do that?
  2. FMU does nothing without boost, doesnt hurt to leave it there, wont hurt to take it out ethier, that car used to be boosted somehow and my guess improperly tuned, hope its still in good shape for you.

    As for the resistor, I am unsure, only thing that comes to mod is someone tring to do some sort of IAT mod but with these cars having a separate IAT sensor unless it is an aftermarket MAF, I dont know what they would of been doing with it.

    But if it is an IAT mod, agian not sure if it is, it leads me down the train of thought of an improperly tuned boosted car. Some people put and resistor in the IAT to make the computer think its a higher intake air temperature therefore going to differnt timing tables (less timing, which is key for boost).

    Hope that helps!