Bbk Fuel Regulator Pressure

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  1. What pressure should it be set at?? Lots of mods running close to 400 hp
  2. Its set at 39 right now...
  3. Leave it at 39 with the hose off unless you are maxing out your injectors or are using too large an injector and need to lower the pressure. Tell us more about your setup. Whats wrong with the car?
  4. 39 is factory, and where it should be unless you're trying to tune around something, to add or subtract fuel.
  5. 306. has stock bottom end, redone. scat rods prob pistons afr 165 heads cobra upper lower intake bbk 75 mm mass air for 24lb inj 65mm tb 255 fuel pump
  6. so you have a sc for the 400hp??
  7. stock comp
  8. N/A Dyno was 375 on engine with carb
  9. ^^^^what mike said 39-41 should be fine
  10. 375 hp with a stock cam, 165's, cobra intake, and 24 lbers? :scratch: Got a dyno run you can post?
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  11. Comp cam.. and those are not that big of numbers :cool:
    Was built to be reliable street car

    Actualy was 362 on dyno with stock headers and mufflers.. if it had my mac headers on it it would have been around 375
  12. Now with the efi setup who knows???
  13. Sorry 24lbers max out on 85% duty cycle at around 325 hp N/A. (24 x.5 x 8 .85)

    According to the Ford Racing catalog:

    Inj Flow_______Naturally Aspirated hp- crank
    (@ 40 psi)_____(@ 0.50 BSFC)
    19 lb/hr_______258 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    24 lb/hr_______326 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    30 lb/hr_______408 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    32 lb/hr_______435 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    39 lb/hr_______530 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    42 lb/hr_______571 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    47 lb/hr_______639 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle
    60 lb/hr_______816 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle

    Unported Cobra intake good for maybe 350hp tops.

    Your typical HCI swap with TFS or AFR heads gets 300-320 hp. 375 hp with that setup seems a bit much. Can you post a copy of a dyno run.
  14. Crawl back in that hole you came out of :stupid:

  15. Here's a nice article explaining some dyno variations, I would highly eyeball this paragraph, but it goes into a great bit more to the UNLEARNED.

    "While we're at it, let me explain something about engine dynos. People say dynos don't lie. Well, they don't... but the people entering the aquisition data DO, and if they fudge the numbers here or there (barametric pressure, relative humidity, air density, air temperature, the amount of water being fed to the water brake, etc.) then the dyno can only compute what it is told to compute. So in reality, no... the dyno won't lie, but it will give bogus readings if the data isn't accurately fed into the machine."

    And if you wanna clear up your initial 400hp bench mark to
    start off with cause it suddenly dropped to 362 which is damn 38hp right there :notnice:

    So when you do the actual math from 362BHP x (.15%-.18%) = "54.3hp" to "65.16hp"
    so lets give you the benefit of the 15% one, cause we're being nice today.
    so you have a minimum of -54.3hp to get to ACTUAL rwhp,
    sooooooooo ....362BHP - 54.3 = 307.7rwhp and WELCOME TO 24lb injector LAND my friend.
    And if you actually think stock headers/stock mufflers are gonna put out 400rwhp with
    a non-super charger and stock bottom end your smoking some damn good stuff scooter :eek:

    What ^^^^^Mike said :owned: 24 lb/hr_______326 hp @ 85% Duty Cycle

    It's just the way it is guy.
    You know I worked for a crane company for a few years and some chains were rated for 500lbs,
    guess what happened when we put a 600lb load on it :runaway:
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  16. BTW .....I see the word "NO MUFFLERS" on your "Test Description" playa o_O

    "No Sir , absolutely no fudging going on around here Sir!!!" ..... "Carry on soldier." :flag:

    "Breaka', Breaka' 1-9 we got a bogie headed south bound on 85 doing 85, in hot pursuit I'm goooooone!!!!"
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  17. People gotta dream my stock headers and mufflers yet the pic says "no mufflers". That guys story kind of reminds me of this classic....

    I'd be curious to see a data log of that run with the injector duty cycle.
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  18. I love special kitchens and magic grits :lol: